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The importance of thank you notes

By Matt Williamson
Info Guru,

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A thank-you note is easy to write and means a lot
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A thank-you note is a lovely way for someone to express their gratitude to you in a personal way. If you have received a thank-you note, it was most likely memorable to you. You may even have saved a special thank you message. Make sure you return that special feeling next time you receive a gift, or someone goes out of their way for you.

For many of us, saying thank you seems to be enough. We've expressed our gratitude as we opened the package - isn't that sufficient? The answer is no. In this fast paced world, the act of sitting down and composing a note to express thanks is still a sign of good manners. No one is too busy to write a few lines on a card and drop it in the mail. After all, someone found the time to go out and shop for you! You're simply reciprocating.

So how do you write a good thank you note?

Preparing to Write a Thank-You Note If you get all of the supplies you need to write thank-you notes ahead of time the cards, stamps and a nice pen the actual writing of a thank-you note is a breeze. Always have pretty cards on hand that you can use for any occasion. Make sure that the cards are blank inside and have a nice picture on the cover. Keep stamps and a pen handy so you can write your thank-you notes quickly.

Writing Your Thank-You Note The next step is simply writing your thank-you note. Think of what the recipient did and how it made you feel this is what you should focus on. Your genuine appreciation will come through clearly and is more important than following any specific guidelines. Specifically mention what you liked about what they did and why it was meaningful to you.

Sending Your Thank-You Note on Time Another important step in writing a thank-you note is to send the card promptly. Send your thank-you note as soon as possible. The best trick is to write your thank-you note immediately after someone has done something that you are grateful for. This way, you know the thank-you note has been written and you do not have to worry about rushing to send it out. Sending the card promptly is a sign of your good manners.

Responding to a Thank-You Note Some people will call or even send you a thank-you note in response to the thank-you note you sent them. You will be noticed as a person with excellent manners simply by sending thank-you notes after attending events or receiving gifts.

When Should a Thank-You Note be Written? A thank-you note is appropriate any time someone has done something that makes you feel thankful. Thank-you notes should be genuine and not forced. It is lovely to write a thank-you note to the host of a dinner party or in response to receiving a holiday gift. But you can also write a thank-you note to someone for giving you great advice or for someone who has done you a spontaneous favor. There are so many reasons to write a thank-you note. Remember the importance of thank-you notes and write one today!

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