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How to get over magic show performance stress

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You need to make sure you know your magic show backward and forward to lower your stress level and to have fun during your performances
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Beginning magicians usually experience magic show performance stress.

If you're the type of person who can easily hop up on stage and put on a show, becoming a magician might be just for you. If you're the shy type, you will either have to overcome magic show performance stress or find a different hobby.


Magic shows require a great deal of practice in order to make the performances realistic. This, too, can lead to magic show performance stress. You need to make sure you know your magic show backward and forward to lower your stress level and to have fun during your performances.


Causes of Magic Show Performance Stress


There are a few reasons why you could get stressed out during your performance. You might be unsure of yourself and your tricks. Being afraid of messing up a trick is a beginning magician's worst fear. If you actually do mess up your tricks, those mistakes could lead to more stress. 

A Demanding Audience


A magic show can be the most stressful type of performance because of the audience. During a musical performance, the audience just sits back and listens to the music, taking it at face value. During a magic performance, however, the audience always wants to know what is happening. They are continually trying to figure out how the magician accomplished his trick. They may yell out the secrets of the trick.


They may tease you about being a fraud, sticking their hands in your coat pockets and purposely messing up your trick. Sometimes an audience just doesn't want to see magic. Do not let them get to you and don't let them sucker you into a battle of wits and words. If it becomes obvious that the audience as a whole doesn't want to see your tricks or is determined to ruin your performance, just show a quick trick, thank them and leave the stage. There will be other magic shows and other audiences.


Messing Up a Magic Trick


Every magician has messed up a trick at one time or another. But remember that if you mess up your tricks, you won't be the first one to have made a mistake. Don't get upset, just move on. Be sure to have back-up tricks. If you mess up, most audiences won't heckle you. They know that things sometimes go wrong. They will usually cut you some slack if you can make it up with another well performed trick.


Be Confident


Be confident in yourself during a magic show. Have confidence in your ability to perform illusions. Make sure that your tricks are well-honed before you perform. If you are only confident in simple tricks, only perform those simple tricks. Make sure you know the tricks you perform so well that you can do them flawlessly without giving away the secrets.


Have a positive attitude during your magic show. Don't go on stage with the mindset that you're going to make the audience look dumb for not understanding how the tricks are done. If the audience catches this vibe from you, they might become hostile. Go on stage to entertain them. The audience will respond better if you have a good attitude and will respect you more as an artist and performer.

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