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New Year's Eve fashions

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new year's eve fashions beads
Baubles, bangles and beads make for fashion fun, especially when followed by a champagne toast and best wishes for a Happy New Year.
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Slick and sassy are the New Year's Eve trends in fashions.

Out with the old, in with the new—so goes the slogan that reminds us the old year is gone and a new year is at the doorstep. Most people associate that phrase with the passage of time. However, it also applies to fashion—especially New Year's Eve fashions. This year, make a new resolution. Resolve to step out on New Year's Eve in duds that are downright dynamic. Out with the old styles, in with a new look—it's a cry of rebellion against boredom.


Fashion gurus not long ago succeeded to some extent in transforming American women from busy and capable citizens into clones of characters seen in low-budget horror films. Gaunt and hollow-eyed females sprawled across a couch tended to be draped in clothing that looked way too big. The high-fashion potato sacks emphasized bony arms and skeletal collarbones. There was nothing voluptuous in their countenance or generous in their smiles. Fashion was frightful.


Today, fashions seem more wholesome. Movie queens, pop stars and television celebrities vie for coverage on the red carpet, at the hottest nightclubs and at their local supermarket. Today's fashion icons are casually elegant and caught up in a whirlwind of success—and shopping. They don't slink. They strut. They have high-priced fitness trainers who beam from the sidelines as protégés step out well toned and well muscled. Men and women alike flaunt six-pack abs, purses filled with bronzers and an insatiable appetite for energy drinks—and the spotlight. Fashion is fun to them.


What's new in outer wear for New Year's Eve fashions?

Weather is always a concern when planning what to wear on New Year's Eve. A light snowfall or a soaker calls for protective gear such as rain slicks and boots. Heat up the chill this year with vivid colors—especially purples. Water repellant fabrics now weigh less than ever yet keep body heat high. Don't be afraid to spin around a lamp post on Times Square in New York or wherever your celebration takes you. Today's rainy day apparel is functional and fashionable. Some men's styles feature hoods.  Plenty of women's clothing choices tout a wide, deep collar that also can act as a hood—in a pinch. Get wet. Have fun. Celebrate in style.


Put your best boot forward on New Year's Eve

Ladies and men too have more choices than ever when it comes to footwear suitable for stepping out on the town on New Year's Eve. Boots rule. Cowboy boots, engineer boots and ankle boots are popular. And don't think that just because New Year's Eve occurs in mid-winter that biker boots have been relegated to the garage. The world of fashion finally has embraced the classic biker boot. Women's boot styles are sleek and constructed of soft but durable leather. The heel is tapered but substantial in both men's and women's styles. Add a silver chain that encircles the ankle for a little twinkle. Boots are a must-have in fashion wardrobes this year. Are you born to be wild? Are you born to be booted?



Keep the sassiest surprises under wraps until the unveiling

The scene is set for your entrance to the city—or to the big party that will end at midnight or maybe dawn. You're swathed in grandeur. Coat, boots, beads and bangles abound. Ladies might add a roomy bag adorned with chunky hardware in copper or gold tones. Men are casually elegant with a shoulder-strapped, slim-silhouette man-purse. Your entrance will be especially grand if you peel off your coat to display something stunning beneath it


• Men's and women's leather suit

• Men's slim-leg dark silk pants

• Men's baggy pants with painted graphics

• Men's Latino-inspired embroidered shirt

• Women's bamboo silk eco-fabric pants

• Women's Japanese print beaded suit

• Women's bustier-topped pencil-slim skirt

• Women's cinch-waist satin sequined dress


Keep in mind this safety tip related to fashion choices

The revelry that is New Year's Eve is sure to be intense in some parts of the country. Take a moment to put your business card in the pocket of your expensive coat. A business card with a short note on the back can lead to the return of that coat if you lose it in the merry mayhem that is New Year's Eve. Peace of mind is the first step to an evening of fashion fun and holiday frivolity.


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