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New Years Eve party ideas

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Times Square New Years Eve
You don't need Times Square to have a great New Years Eve party
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Make your New Years Eve party ideas something special this year

It's hard to believe, but the New Year is just around the corner again.  Have you started planning your New Years Eve party yet? If not, here are some ideas for your celebration to make this New Years Eve something special.

Make a family event

If you have kids at home, why not make this New Year's Eve party a family celebration? Kids love to celebrate with their parents and the magic of a midnight holiday makes it even more special. Add New Year's party decorations and some fun treats and you have the recipe for a family tradition in the making.

Consider a midnight super sundae celebration. Let each person choose their favorite ice cream flavors and toppings.  As the magic moment approaches, begin assembling your sundaes.  Save the whipped cream or the cherry on top for the last second of the old year, and the dig in as the ball falls.  Top it off with a Shirley Temple toast. 

Make it just for your family, or invite neighbors and friends with kids to join in.  If your children are too young to make it to midnight, schedule a mock-midnight earlier in the evening, complete with a countdown and the celebratory sundaes.

Find a community celebration

From the giant M&M drop in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania to the Orange in Miami, more and more communities are creating their own special spin on the New Years Eve party in Times Square.  Find out if your city or one nearby has their own midnight party and join in.  It's a great way to celebrate the new year and have fun with the things that make your community special. 

And since your neighbors are likely to be there, it's also a great place to make new friends in your area, as you ring in the New Year together.

Make it a team party

Whether your favorite sports team made it to the top or never made it onto the scoreboard this past year, why not have a New Years Eve party to celebrate their hard work, commiserate over their losses, relive their glory moments and wish for an even better year to come?  Have guests dress in their favorite sports team jerseys or colors.  Have videos of games on TV's in different rooms and serve game day foods like nachos, chili dogs and pizza. 

At the stroke of midnight, have everyone scream out their team name along with their Happy New Year.

Have a romantic New Years Eve party for two

Who says a party has to be about a lot of guests?  Make this New Years Eve all about the two of you. Book a fabulous hotel room in an out of the way location. Arrange for a midnight sleigh ride, moonlit hike or midnight sail, depending upon where you live. Stock up on fine champagne and luscious treats like chocolate covered strawberries, rich pates or an elegant dinner for two.

Make it about sharing dreams and reconnecting. Ban all discussion about what didn't happen in the last year or fears for the new one. Make it a night for romance and a New Years Eve party the two of you will never forget.

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