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Make her sweet sixteen party special

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Sweet 16 party
Have the girls get dressed up and do something sophisticated. It doesn't have to be expensive, but something fancier than usual
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Plan the party she truly wants.

So your daughter is turning sweet sixteen. What a special age for a girl! You are only sweet sixteen once, after all. Many people consider the sweet sixteen birthday important for girls and it is nice to mark such an occasion with a lovely party.

But planning a party for a teenager can be tough. Their likes and dislikes can change as quickly as the wind. They like a band this week and next week that band is 'so totally over!' So how can you create a special birthday party that will be sure to please her? Here are some sweet sixteen party ideas to get you started.

Involve Her in the Planning

It is important to have your daughter involved in the party planning. She is old enough to have a say in what type of event she should have. While some of the decisions should certainly be up to family, giving your daughter some choices and latitude will give her confidence and enthusiasm about her party. So if your daughter is a vegetarian this week let her know that you are glad to serve an alternative to meat, but that there will be something else for other guests who do eat meat.

Go for Sophistication

Go Elegant. A great sweet sixteen party idea is to do something that celebrates your daughter's entry into young womanhood. While you still may see her as very young, she is thinking of how much older she is becoming. Choosing an activity that is more sophisticated will encourage her to behave in a more adult-like fashion and give her exposure to culture and the world around her.

Take High Tea or Go to a Cultural Event

Taking her to a live theater performance and out to dinner with her friends is a great way to celebrate her birthday. Another idea is to have the girls get dressed up and take them to a nice hotel for a high tea. Many of the fancy hotels still serve high tea and it can be quite an elaborate affair. Taking your daughter and her friends to a nearby city to see a cultural event or a tourist attraction is another alternative. It doesn't always have to be expensive, but something that appeals to your daughter and is more fancy than usual.

Do Something Artistic

Go Creative. If your daughter is into crafts, drama or the arts, creating an artistic birthday is a great idea. Have someone come and teach the girls how to make gemstone jewelry or take them to an artist's studio for a tour. Have a drama or singing coach come in to lead them in some fun exercises.

Help a Charity

Think of a Cause. Many young women are very concerned about others in some way. Whether it's a society issue or a charity group that tugs at their hearts, having a party that helps a cause can be a great idea. Your daughter can ask her guests for a donation to the charity instead of presents. Or she could ask them to bring their old coats or new toys to donate to a shelter. Or they could volunteer for an organization for the afternoon or weekend.

Every 16-year-old girl is different. Some will want a big party with a barbeque and 40 people. Others will want four good friends to come sleep over and watch old movies. By using one of these terrific sweet sixteen party ideas, you can be sure that your daughter's 16th birthday is special and memorable.

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