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Teen birthday party ideas

By Jean Sanders
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Birthday parties are more fun if you plan them around the activities you and your friends enjoy most.
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Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Teens enjoy sharing fun, eventful, exciting birthday parties with their friends. But not everyone's idea of an exciting party is the same. So don't feel pressured to do what's fashionable- instead, choose an activity that you and your friends really enjoy and build your party around it. Here are a variety of teen birthday party ideas:

Fresh air fiends can work up an appetite for pizza, cake and ice cream by taking their friends on a variety of outdoor adventures. Picnic after race-hiking to the top of a mountain, shoot the rapids in a whitewater raft, or take turns practicing 180s on your wakeboard behind your best friend's motorboat. Hit the trails on mountain bikes or BMX bikes, rouse everyone before dawn and take your snowboards to the mountain, take your skateboards or inline skates to the skate park- even host a weekend camping trip. Less strenuous outdoor options include staging a bird watching contest at the local nature sanctuary or roasting hot dogs on the beach (be sure to check local fire regulations). You can get out on the water with the guys (or girls) by hiring a boat and going fishing for bass, salmon, or whatever else swims in your area (just be sure to catch your fishing licenses first). Or grab some poles and an instructor and head to the river for some fly fishing. Be sure and take pictures so you have some evidence to back up your bragging about anything you catch.

Indoor options can be fun too- laser tag, paintball- even bowling in those silly shoes. Or rent all or part of your local health club and shoot hoops, brush up your racquetball, and splash in the pool. Artistic types might enjoy partying at Art&Soul or other studio space while painting pottery or participating in other art projects. Or set up indoor games in a big garage- and enjoy playing foosball, pool, and ping pong at the same party. Sporting events can inspire great teen birthday party ideas. Support your local ballplayers at a minor league baseball game- tickets are cheap, and the stadiums are often so much smaller than they are in the major leagues that the players might even be able to hear the witty advice you and your friends yell to them. Football fans you could go see a college or pro game- or head to the Rec. room or restaurant and catch it on big screen TV (nachos are must-have party supplies for this one). And what says "guy's night out" better than a monster truck rally? Correct answer: Nothing! (Ok, maybe a rodeo.)

If monster trucks aren't your thing, a night at the spa might be the birthday party idea for you. Don't worry if you can't afford to go to a real spa- you can grab some terry robes and scented candles and set one up at home. Another variation of this teen birthday party idea is the makeover party. Go to the beauty salon or break out the hair care products at home, get your hair, nails, and face done, then dress up in formals and go out on the town. Treat the birthday girl or boy to a dinner you made yourselves- this teen birthday party idea is oh-so-scrumptious. Round up your friends, break out the gourmet cookbooks, head to the grocery store to pick up ingredients, and then get cooking. You could even try baking the birthday cake. If the food turns out to be fantastic you might have a head start on a future career- if it turns out to be terrible you can at least have fun watching the birthday boy or girl's attempts to choke it down before heading out for cheeseburgers. If you love to get down and boogie, find a hall, community center, or other open space where you and your friends can dance the night away (if you happen to have a ballroom in your house that'll work, too). Hire a DJ or bring your own CD collection- this teen birthday party idea is rockin' awesome. Well, now you have some ideas. So get going and plan a great party!

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