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Unique party gifts reflect imagination

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If the recipient of a gift is a techie, try to select a unique gift that shows some imagination.
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Finding the unique aspects in party gifts will ensure the recipient is pleased

The scream heard ’round the world was long and loud. It was an ugly sound, full of distain. Investigations on all continents finally resolved the echoing mystery. The noise pollution was attributed to socks. And the person responsible for the resonating sound pled guilty but claimed to have forewarned friends and family that, “If I get one more pair of socks, I’ll scream.”

Help make the world a quieter place by researching some of the unique party gifts available today to celebrate all occasions. They are gifts that reflect a bit of forethought and imagination. They are gifts that go well with the personality of the recipient. And they are tokens of esteem that will be received with coos of satisfaction rather than screams of despair. The right gift is just as easy to buy as a bad one, so why not shoot for the stars…instead of the gutter?  

Evaluate the recipient’s personality

When you think of the types of gifts that would please your friend or family member, what is the person doing? Is your intended sitting on the dock with a fishing pole in hand? In a studio or at a desk creating masterpieces? Is he or she in the kitchen surrounded by bread machines and bagel slicing gizmos? Or are they more likely to be found in front of a computer screen or with smartphone in hand?

Taking the time to see what the person is already doing is the first step to selecting the perfect gift. Here are some ideas for translating that information into shopping success.

Ideas for the outdoorsy

People who love the outdoors will love a present that makes their favorite pastime more fun. If they love hiking and camping, consider adding a new gadget or two to their stash. Collapsible cookware, cold-weather rated sleeping bags and the newest in just-add-water dehydrated foods are all popular choices.

For the sports-lover, consider a new gym bag to make getting ready and heading home easier. Or perhaps something that tends to get lost in the course of the game, like golf balls and tees or tennis balls, imprinted with the recipient’s name.

Put the “Gee!” into “Geek”

These days, folks who know about computers and other intricate electronics pride themselves on being classified as geeks. The attainment of geek-hood intimates a high intelligence level and the ability to solve complex problems. The family geek is the one people seek out when they want the lowdown on almost any complex situation. Geeks are creative innovators. Geeks love gadgets. There are many unique party gifts that will please a geek.

Simply roam the aisles of your local computer and electronics store…or even better, browse the pages of an electronics catalog online, and you’re certain to find all sorts of gee-whiz gadgets to delight a geek heart.

Creating gift choices for the creators

For the artists, musicians and writers among your friends, look for gifts that will inspire their creativity…or make creating masterpieces a little easier. Few starving artists will say no to gifts of art supplies, gift certificates to their favorite music stores, or a prepaid registration to a class or event they always wanted to attend.

Presents for kitchen-dwellers

Some people only cook because they have to, lest their families starve. But for others, the kitchen is their studio, their therapy or their recreation. For these people, consider restaurant quality cookware, time-saving kitchen gadgets or the hottest new cookbooks.

Start with them, and the gift will come (to mind!)

It only takes a little forethought to come up with an array of unique party gifts and some unique ways of celebrating any special occasion. Do a little research. Put on your trench coat and investigate the party person’s likes and dislikes. You’re sure to have the best party ever held anywhere on earth. In fact, don’t be surprised if the next scream heard ’round the world is one of sheer delight.


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