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Where to go for a romantic picnic

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picnic basket by lake
A picnic by a lake is always a great place for romance.
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Choosing where to go for a romantic picnic can enhance couple time!

Planning a picnic with romance in mind is a great way to spark passion or rekindle the flame.
Whether you are just getting acquainted with your new love or just need a break from the kids, packing a picnic filled with tasty finger foods will set the course for amour.

Romantic picnics can be an extravagant, planned affair or a spontaneous afternoon getaway.  To wine and dine the object of your affection, be sure to include a cold bottle of pinot grigio, chilled shrimp and fine chocolates. For a spur of the moment romantic afternoon, pack some crackers and cheese, summer sausage, nuts and cold beverages. 
And because chocolate is the ultimate romantic dessert, add a rich chocolate cake to finish off your meal in sweet style. 

However, for either of these romantic choices, there is one crucial element that remains the same. Make sure to picnic where you can focus on just the two of you ... no distractions ... no interruptions. 

Here are six tips on where to go for a romantic picnic.

Picnic by the water

The word "water" is used loosely here. A romantic picnic can be by a stream, lake, pond or the ocean. Find a secluded spot and let the quieting effective of water do its magic. Spreading a blanket or soft quilt on a grassy knoll by a lake or in warm sands of the beach can revitalize or spark a relationship.

Better yet, picnic on the water

Take an aluminum boat or canoe and row out to the middle of the lake for a private picnic. Drop a fishing line into the water and spend a lazy day together basking in the sun. 

Picnic at home

Can't get away, but want to plan a surprise for your loved one? Turn off the phone, laptops and televisions and head out to the backyard or garden area. Again spread a blanket and put up an umbrella to enjoy the summer afternoon. If you have a camping tent, bring out the lantern and have a romantic picnic after the kids go to bed, just the two of you. Zip close the tent flap, keep the insects out and enjoy tempting appetizers and snacks. 

Outdoor events in your hometown

Does your hometown provide concerts in the park? Pack a picnic lunch, some comfortable throw pillows and spend an evening listening to your favorite musicians under the stars.   

Bicycle to the park

Instead of driving, plan to spend the day together by taking a leisurely bike ride to a romantic, secluded spot in the neighborhood park or anywhere off the beaten path. Nothing works up an appetitie more than getting outside, exercising and enjoying the scenery from a bicycle.  

City Dwellers

For those that live in the downtown heart beat of the city, picnicking on the roof top has become quite the affair. From candlelight dinners with views of the cityscape to a picnic basket filled with sandwiches for a casual midday brunch, this bird's eye view of the city can be quite breathtaking.

Often, the element of surprise is what makes a picnic so romantic. What's not to pull at the heart strings of your loved one when you have planned an impromptu day for just the two of you. Choose just the right meal, pack a blanket, comfy throw pillows, and a little bubbly and you will create a memory your loved one won't soon forget.    


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