Ways to give to charity without spending a dime

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Give to charity without opening your wallet
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You don't need money to give it.

Do you wish you were doing more for charity, but you simply don't have the money to donate?  Fortunately, there are easy ways to give to charity without spending a dime.

Visit Click-A-Day Web Sites

There are some Web sites you can visit daily and simply click to contribute to charity. Each click counts as a donation paid for by the Web site's advertisers. Donate food to the hungry by visiting The Hunger Site. Provide animals with food and shelter by visiting The Animal Rescue Site. Remember that you can visit these sites every day if you click every day at The Hunger Site, you will be donating more than 30 cups of food.

Search Online

By using GoodSearch, you can help raise funds for charity. For each search engine, simply designate the charity you would like to help. GoodSearch donates 50 percent of their revenue to the charities. Think of how many internet searches you do each week. This could be an excellent way to help out a charity that is important to you. If the organization that you care about is not listed, let that organization know about GoodSearch. Organizations can sign up for free by filling out an application and being approved as a GoodSearch charity.

Recycle Ink Cartridges

By recycling ink cartridges, you can help raise money for charity. The charity needs to be signed up with a recycling program. A popular one is Funding Factory. Charities are given a certain amount of money for each recycled cartridge; the amount depends on the cartridge's value. If you are involved with a charity, consider encouraging them to sign up with this program. Many people throw out ink cartridges why not recycle them and help a charity?

Sell Your Used Books

A non-profit organization can sell used books to Blue Rectangle. Better World Books donates profits from selling used books to other charities such as Books for Africa and the National Center for Family Literacy.
Spread the Word

Get your friends and family involved by telling them about these easy ways to give to charity without spending a dime. Remember: the more people you get involved in helping a charity, the more of an impact you will make. Even if your daily impact is small, over time it will have a larger impact. And if you get your friends and family involved, this impact will grow even larger.  

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