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Keep your mind and body in shape - live an easier, healthier and more enjoyable life by exploring the wide variety of spectacular senior products
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Little wonders make life easy.

Seniors today often are busier than ever with jobs, volunteer work or leisure-time activities. Some retired seniors whiz around at such a fast pace that they wonder how they ever had time for a job. Other seniors enjoy keeping part-time employment to provide income, social interactions and mental stimulation. Luckily, there are a number of essential products for seniors that make any type of work or play easier and more enjoyable.

On the Road

Navigate with Ease

Those seniors whose busy lifestyles frequently place them behind the steering wheel of an automobile or motor home are finding a generous amount of amusement and substantial peace of mind in an increasingly popular travel accessory: the onboard navigation device.

This portable, compact gadget most times is attached via a suction cup to the vehicle's windshield. The perch best enables the computer-operated device to calculate an appropriate route, based on coordiates from a global network of some two dozen solar-powered satellites. The navigator is powered by a cord that plugs into the vehicle's power port. The port is today's equivalent of the now nearly extinct cigarette lighter port.

The onboard navigator system has a touch-pad for entering one's starting point and desired destination. When one begins driving, the unit's viewing screen displays colorful graphics representing roads, bridges, rivers and other landmarks. Succinct directions displayed in easy-to-read script on the bottom of the screen may be accompanied by recorded voice prompts: Turn left in 500 feet; you have reached your destination.

Global positioning satellite (GPS) technology is responsible for this handy travel tool. Drivers who love to travel but hate to get lost are sure to marvel at how a GPS works. Chances are they will place the onboard navigator high up on their list of essential products for seniors. Major manufacturers offer units that range from about $100 for a no-frills version to higher-priced gizmos with lots of bells and whistles such as weather reports and alerts about construction delays.


In a society that is more mobile than ever before, seniors find it easy to get up and go with little prompting. Travel by plane, boat, car or in groups aboard cruise ships and tour busses is easy, especially if one has access to some products that offer a little help. Here are some favorites:

Mobility scooters: these easy-to-maneuver scooters run on a rechargeable battery and are available in many sizes. Some units are compact enough to transport in a vehicle for use on shopping trips or on vacations where walking might be overly strenuous.

Canes and walking staffs: these sturdy and attractive walking aids are available in many styles. Some models useful for folks on the go fold up from full length into shorter sections. These can be stored in baggage or in a hand-held carryall.

Nutritional computers: these fold-up units resemble laptop computers. Internal databases yield detailed info about hundreds of food items. Just place a serving on the machine's weighing pad and learn about the portion's sodium content, calories, carbohydrates, sugars, fats, etc.


In the Home

Get a Grip

Take a peek into the home of almost any active senior and you're sure to find some handy devices that make life a little easier. Products abound for seniors who need a little help. Nevertheless, seniors who have no disabilities at all also appreciate a gadget that will help complete a job with as little aggravation as possible.

The home front is the place to utilize tools to which have been added easy-to-grip, oversized handles made of cushioned plastic or rubber-like foam materials. These interchangeable handgrips can be slipped onto the shanks of knives, forks, potato peelers, can openers and paint brushes. They enable a firm grasp of the object without an overly tight contraction of the hand muscles. The handgrips also provide some bulk which makes for added control in operating a tool or utensil.


Numerous manufacturers specialize in devices that make routine activities easier. Activities such as cooking and gardening can be more fun when a person uses any of the handy assistive devices now on the market. Here are a few to consider:

Multi-purpose openers: these compact, electric, countertop units make cooking more fun. In one easy-to-operate machine, you will find an automatic jar opener, can opener and bottle opener.

Gardening seats: these portable canvas chairs fold up for easy storage and often feature several handy compartments for storing hand tools, seed packets or insect repellent.

Lift chairs: these chairs and recliners look like beautiful furniture. They feature a wide array of built-in mechanisms that tilt, elevate or otherwise enable the user to sit up and sit down with ease. Massage chairs also are a part of this family.

On the Go

Light the Way

Another convenient and budget-pleasing item that has found a ready market among seniors is a newfangled flashlight that never needs batteries. The almost unbreakable unit is charged by shaking it using a motion similar to that employed when shaking a can of spray paint. Shake-shake-shake and turn on the flashlight.

The magic is in the internal magnet that passes repeatedly through a wire coil. The motion builds a current in the flashlight's capacitor and results in a well charged flashlight that's ready when needed.

The flashlight's illuminating capabilities come not from a traditional bulb but from a brilliant LED (Light Emitting Diode) that casts a glow more than six-feet in diameter. Its non-glare light provides an always-reliable way to brighten the path to the bathroom at night or reveal the coin that was dropped behind the couch. A flashlight one can count on is certainly a must-have on the list of essential products for seniors.

And a flashlight that never needs batteries means added savings, too. Th

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