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Are daisies guy flowers?
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Flowers for guys may not be your first gift idea, but it can be a great one

At one time or another in almost all of our lives, we have found ourselves needing to buy flowers for that special someone. Somewhere along the way someone decided that flowers are a gift that only women would enjoy.

Most of the bouquets that are put together for special holidays are geared towards winning over the woman in the relationship, because clearly she is the only one who would ever want to get flowers ... if you are to believe what most retailers tell you.

The fact of the matter is that there are flowers for guys and they really aren't that much different from the kinds of flowers you would give women.

People seem to forget that men have spent quite a bit of their lives working in their yards and tending to all sorts of different plants. There are all kinds of guys that have taken great pride in making sure that the flowers they are raising are as pretty as any you will see and there are plenty of guys that would love to get a plant or a flower when they are feeling down in the dumps. 

Our culture has tried to teach men that getting flowers is not a particularly manly thing to enjoy, so you aren't going to have too many men who talk about wanting to get a bouquet for their birthday or their anniversary. On the flip side of that is the man who is perfectly comfortable letting anyone who will listen what kind of flowers they like and what kind they would like to receive as gifts. One of the truly great strides we as a society have made is that men are no longer as afraid as they used to be to show their softer side to those they hold dear.

Having said that, there are definitely some kinds of flowers that the average man would be less than excited to get. That doesn't mean that there is one specific kind of flower that every man would hate, but if you are new to the buying world of flowers for guys, then there are a couple of kinds that you will be perfectly safe getting and that you stand a very good chance of getting a positive reaction to.

One kind of flower that will win you quite a bit of praise, even if you are giving it to a guy, is a nice orchid. You are going to want to go with a color that is a little more neutral than in tones of purple or pink. A white orchid, or a light yellow is still a manly enough looking flower that even those who aren't quite willing to give up all pretense will be able to appreciate their look and smell. Lilies are another popular choice that both men and women enjoy getting and enjoy looking at and smelling. 

The basic safe way to go, no matter what kind of flowers you are looking to get for that special guy to choose neutral colors. Red is certainly okay, but there are certain shades of red and types of red flowers that are almost certainly going to appeal more to the female persuasion. 

White and light yellow are colors that are neutral enough that you can't really go wrong if you are giving them to a guy. Roses are well liked by some, but for the most part have long been identified as targeted to women more than they ever would for men. If you are not quite sure whether your man likes flowers in the first place you can stay away from roses on the first try.

Once you get to know your man, you will also be able to tell what kinds of flowers he prefers, and whether he really has an interest in flowers at all.

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