How to get out of the office

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You don't need to move to get out of your office
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Wondering how to get out of the office then try some of these ways to break free

We all have a picture in our heads of just how monotonous going into the office every single day can be. Those who don't actually hold an office job might even have a worse idea in their head than it actually is, but most people can agree that from time to time, no matter how fresh and clean and open their office is, having the same four walls and roof over you every day can become something that becomes less desirable over time.

One of the cures for the malady that affects office workers is to find a way to get out of that office and either take some extended time off or even work from outside that office space while still being plenty productive.

If you want to know how to get out of the office for a little break, a vacation or for just a day, there are a couple of options that will keep you from getting into trouble.

Take Advantage of Mobile Devices

While some people still view the iPad as mainly a piece of equipment allows you to surf the web, watch video and play games, there are a ton of applications and uses that can help you keep abreast of your work. If you can't come up with any other use besides checking email, then know that most exchange servers have a way to feed your email to your iPad and other mobile mail applications.

There are also quite a few word processing applications such as Pages that will allow you to download or upload documents such as Microsoft Word so that you can open those documents where ever you are. The iPad version of Pages also allows you to put together great presentations or handouts so you can work on all of that anywhere but in your cubicle.

Splashtop is an application that will allow you to actually access your work computer from your iPad (if you have it downloaded on that computer). Using an application like that will literally allow you to behave as if you are at your desk no matter where you actually are.

Stay Ahead of Your Work Flow

If you are about to head out of the office for a vacation, or even just to go work from home, make sure you have everything you need to have done, done. The last thing you want to do is sit at home when someone asks you to get them a file that is sitting at your desk.

Obviously we can't foresee everything someone might need all the time, but prepare as much as possible. If a big presentation is coming up this week that requires you to work with other people, make sure you have your part completed and ready to go. You can also plan to spend that week exclusively in the office with the next week being one where you are on the go more.

Set Goals You Can Reach

To some degree, this is quite a bit like staying ahead of your workflow. As a freelance writer, I set a goal for how many articles I'm going to complete in a given day and when I hit that goal I'm usually done for the day. The same premise can be applied to whatever job your working and can be easily adjusted if you are attempting to fly the coup.

The key is to make sure you actually follow your own guidelines. It can be incredibly tempting to keep going once you meet your goals because you want to get even more done. Make sure that if you are trying to get out of the office that you stand by your original goal.

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