Halloween make up tips

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You need the right amount of makeup to sell your Halloween creations
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Halloween make up tips to complete your costume for a frightfully perfect night

With the Halloween season right around the corner it's time to start thinking about what sort of ghost or ghoul you are going to be this year. Once you arrive at the right costume idea, you need to decide whether you are going to go the full on makeup route or whether you will simply don a mask. Obviously if you make the choice to go with a mask then your costume is complete and you don't need to worry about going with realistic looking effects. 

Some people do not like to have masks blocking their peripheral vision. Some feel as though wearing a mask makes the look less effective because it is obvious they are wearing latex or rubber on their heads. The right scarey makeup can make or break a costume. Makeup lets you control just how detailed or basic you want to go with the costume.

Getting the right Halloween make up tips depends entirely on what sort of creature you are dressing up to emulate. The right technique means the difference between looking as though you are the reincarnation of Dracula or the Wolf-man and someone who just has a little makeup on their face. 

The monsters that are the most popular also tend to be the easiest to recreate using makeup because you have seen them so often over the years. The key is to put your own spin on the old reliable.

For the kids in the family, you can use a minimum amount of makeup to get the maximum effect as long as you pair cosmetics with a realistic wig or a detailed outfit. Your daughter takes the look of a teenage Frankenstein thanks to a well-placed scar drawn on the cheek using black makeup pencils. To accompany her, throw on a Sweeney Todd wig, along with proper attire, and you have a costume that looks like it is straight out of the movie.

Skeletons make another easy go-to costume. Whether simply doing the face painting, or putting together an entire outfit, the face is the key part of this particular outfit. Slather on white base paint on the entirety of your face to get started on the look. Black eyeliner is your friend when it comes to making what are supposed to be the shadows on the skeleton's face. Use the eyeliner around your eyes, and your nose to create the shadowy look. You can also use the white and black contrast around your mouth to give your face a lip-less look with exposed teeth. This is a basic skeleton look and pairing it with a robe complete with a hood and some great skeleton hands will really sell the whole package.

Blood has been a staple of the Halloween costumer for years. There are plenty of easy ways to look as though you have cuts running on your face or blood pouring from your lips. Apply a light layer of white face paint onto your face, much like with the skeleton look. Burgundy lipstick will then stand out and if applied liberally enough will look exactly like blood. You can outline cuts or smear it around your lips for the "bloody" effect to be complete.

If you don't have a good supply of burgundy lipstick then corn syrup and food coloring does the job just as well. Mix in a little blue along with the red and you have liquid that looks exactly like the real thing. Hollywood used corn syrup and food coloring in order to make cheap fake blood for a long time before they moved on to more modern advanced effects.

These makeup tips should ensure that you have a realistic and low-budget Halloween costume. Make sure you have a few key accessories to pair with your Halloween costume and face makeup in order to complete the look. Now get out there and impress the neighbors with your professional looking face makeup. Don't forget to grab some candy and decorations to turn your home into the ultimate Halloween den that will have people talking at the next block party.

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