How to have a good friendship

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How do you keep this level of friendship throughout the years?
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Here are a few ideas on how to have a good friendship and keep it

The definition of friendship can be one of any number of things. One must show concern for their friend's welfare and well-being. There must be trust, common likes/dislikes, understanding, care, and in many cases, love, to make the friendship work. It must be about mutual caring, with sympathy and actions done for the sake of your friend. In essence, friends should feel happy for the others' success and frustration at their failures. You can trust your friend to tell them anything and everything going on in your life. But how do you keep that friendship strong throughout the years?

How To Have A Good Friendship

Like any relationships, there will be things you both need to work through, over, and around.  Maintaining relationships can be one of the toughest things we have to do, as we look to balance family, work, and extracurricular activities in our already bustling lives. Where's the time for it all? 

Make Time

Set up blocks of time to meet with friends. Plan fun activities to help you to get away from work deadlines and family dust ups. Be healthy together, do yoga, go for a run. Travel together. Take a trip. Really, do anything together. This will help to keep the bond strong between the two of you, while providing some relaxation time and allowing time to catch up on things missed. In our hectic, day-to-day lives, it's easy to forget what's important sometimes. Simply say this block of time is for the two of us and nothing will get in our way.

Be A Good Listener

Making time is not solely about unburdening yourself of your day's events. It's about listening to what the other party has to say. Don't talk over them. Don't ponder over what cocktail you'll be ordering next. Actually, listen. And maybe you'll hear something new about your friend. Maybe you'll glean a deeper understanding of some trait, some attribute you never noticed before. 

People like to feel as if what they're saying has some meaning, some bearing. So listen to your friend and respond with a truthful and honest answer. Simply listening can do a great deal for a friendship.

Build on Common Interests

If you started your friendship through exciting movies, favorite books, study groups, or work, continue and build on that common bond. Go buy new books together.  If you like movies, head over to the nearest cinema or watch streaming movies together at home.  If you're both into scrapbooking, plan some time to crop together. Whatever you share in common, don't forget to incorporate that into your everyday (or every week) "friend" activities. You'll learn new things about one another, have a chance to discuss and dissect new things, and build a stronger connection through the love of a shared interest.

Help A Friend

It shouldn't always be about you. When a friend is in need, be there for them. Listen. Share.  Assist in any way you can. Make them laugh. Take them out for a night on the town. That is what friendship is -- A bond that shouldn't fray, even in the toughest of times. It is truly about trust, compassion, love, forgiveness, honesty, and a freedom to be yourself. And that's how to have (and keep) a good friendship going strong.


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