How to look good at a pool party

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The right swimwear will make a splash at the next pool party
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Suggestions on how to look good at a pool party for fun and comfort

Whether you are throwing one yourself, or you are planning to go to someone else's, there are a few swimwear fashion pointers so that you look good at a pool party.

Working Out

The first and very best way to make sure that you are looking good when it comes to that pool party, is to already have a great workout plan going. There is nothing quite like being embarrassed  when you are trying to make the scene that will motivate you into a fitness routine.

This doesn't mean that you have to have the body of a Greek God or Goddess but you should get yourself a body that you are comfortable with. Just knowing that you are working out and eating right will give you confidence that everyone can see!

Wearing the Right Suit

Obviously, if you are going to make the swim scene in style, then what you wear is going to play a very big role. The first thing you need to be on the lookout for is wearing the right kind of suit for your body. Find a flattering swim suit that gives you support and style. You can also pick and choose the right kind of suit for the occasion.

Wearing a swim suit isn't even something that you need to do when you go to a pool party, but there is something to be said for having the right kind of suit, should you decide to wear one. As a general rule, you are not going to want to show up at a pool party wearing a bikini, unless this pool party is taking place at a frat house or a sorority.

A stylish one piece is always going to be that much better when it comes to looking like you are dressed right for the party. In the end, the kind of one piece you sport is going to be up to you, but its important to remember that the goal isn't to stand out and raise eyebrows. The goal is to make sure that you are looking elegant and looking good.

Having the Right Accessories

Obviously, the suit isn't the only thing you need to get right when you really want to look good at the pool party. You also need to find a way to accessorize so that everyone knows that you know how to dress and how to really pull off a look.

When you are looking for things to really pull the look together, sunglasses or sunreaders are obviously going to play a part. That is of course, if the party is going on during the day. If the party is at night, people are just going to look at you like you are crazy should you strut in wearing shades. When you do choose those shades you should try your best to match the shape of the frames to your face.

Add bold, fun jewelry that works with your swimsuit. Thick bangles and a textural necklace are great choices. So are big colorful earrings. When you choose footwear, look for details like studs, shells, jewels and other playful design touches. Flats are the most practical.

The final, finishing piece of the ensemble that will allow you look really good at the party is some sort of coverup. This can be used either to wrap around you once you are cool enough to not want to just wear a suit. You can also wear this just to pull off the look of someone who is fashion conscious. No matter if you decide to go with all of these things, or just mix and match, the real key is to wear what makes you comfortable. If you aren't feeling right, it will show and you won't be looking all that good after all.

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