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The importance of debate is a lot higher than you may think it to be

Sure, it is very entertaining to watch the tension unfold between two people with opposing opinions in a debate, especially if it's for a presidential election. There is actually a lot more purpose behind a debate, though.

The importance of debate is staggering, as it allows the audience to become more educated on the viewpoints of both speakers and it influences which side an audience will take.

Political debate: the presidential candidates

People may think they know everything they need to know about the presidential candidates'  
thoughts and opinions concerning a number of issues. Many people, however, may be surprised to learn new things about the candidates' goals during a debate.

Although the candidates hold their ground on most matters throughout an election, they may slightly change their viewpoints on a few issues and make that evident in a debate. (Whether the changed stances are genuine or not is up to the audience to decide.) Debates really show people who they're dealing with.

Presidential debates also allow people to see live footage of the candidates. As phony as people may think politicians to be, this is as genuine as it gets - no paid actors, no scripted commercials.

Of course, presidential candidates rehearse for a debate numerous times, but there's always at least one unexpected rebuttle from an opposing candidate that the candidate has to respond to on the spot. This gives viewers the most honest (least dishonest would be a better choice of words for some) look at how a candidate really feels about an issue.

Now that the viewers have seen the debate(s) and learned more about the opinions of the opponents while they were being the most genuine, they can make an informed decision about who they want to be elected President.

Debates allow people to answer the following questions and more:

  • Which candidate agrees with me on more issues, such as those concerning the military?
  • Which candidate will better benefit a person of my age, gender, financial situation, etc.?
  • Which candidate moves me more when he speaks?

Debate will always be of huge importance; without it, people will never fully have these questions answered.

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