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What you should put on your Sunday brunch buffet menu to please all tastes

Our mouths water when we think about all the great food that can be dined on when you start talking about brunch. The meal between breakfast and lunch is a great time because you can have a little more food than you would have at either meal since you are technically having two meals at one time.

Sunday tends to be the day when people have traditionally held their brunches and while some people have turned to serving individually, the buffet style for this meal works out quite well, because it allows people to take exactly as much food as they want. This means there won't be a lot of leftovers and if a person wants to go heavily on one kind of food or another.

So what sort of food should you go with if you want to have the best Sunday brunch buffet menu? Worry no further, we'll walk you down the right path.


Eggs are a staple of any good breakfast or brunch buffet because they are light, fluffy and can be mixed with a whole host of other foods in order to make a great casserole.

Some meal plans can simply go with scrambled eggs for people who are not fans of having cheese or ham or vegetables mixed in with their eggs. You can also go with an omelet bar that allows people to mix up what they want, or you can go with an egg casserole that includes anything including sausage and bread or other meats and cheeses.


Eggs are one staple of bunch buffets but fruit is a very close second. There are a couple of different ways you can lay out a nice fruit selection. The first choice is to go with a giant fruit salad that can either be covered in granulated sugar or left alone to allow the fruit's inherent sweetness to add the sugary flavor. You can go with the more traditional fruit outlays such as pineapple, and grapes and apples and oranges and grapefruit or you can go with some fruits that are not seen all that often such as kiwi. The direction you choose to go is entirely up to you but should be at least somewhat based on the audience that you expect to see.


Not surprisingly, meat is a staple in our every day life and it is also a staple of a great brunch buffet. You can choose to go with any kind of meat you want short of hamburgers. Steak and eggs are even well known as a breakfast combo and can be served up buffet style if you would really like to go that route. You can also go with the more traditional breakfast meats such as ham or sausage or bacon. You can have any or all of these particular meats featured on the menu and they will most likely be one of the most popular selections in the entire buffet.


When people think about a Sunday brunch buffet they might sometimes overlook the fact that there needs to be some sort of bread. This can either be a simple piece of toast or it can be something a little more involved like a bagel and salmon spread. These can also be biscuits (either buttermilk or cornbread) or a whole host of other kinds of rolls.


One final piece of the buffet that you simply have to have is a some selection of potatoes. This doesn't mean a baked potatoe but they can be home fries or hashbrowns. The potatoes must be in the form of breakfast potatoes. Starches are needed with a brunch buffet when you are going heavy on dairy and fruit.

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