Trick ideas for Halloween

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Here is a list of trick ideas for Halloween that will add spooky fun to the day

While Halloween is synonymous with the phrase "Trick or Treat" most people just assume that everyone will opt for treat. There is a long history of people actually wanting to play tricks and pranks on people. Some of these tricksters actually "rewarded" those who did not hand out treats with some truly damaging pranks. 

The tricks ramped up in the 1930's to the point where they were being largely considered a national nuisance and it is in this era that the words "Trick or Treat" truly became the nomenclature of the Holiday. While truly dangerous or damaging tricks are no longer considered acceptable, there are plenty of fun pranks you can pull that will either confuse or scare your victims without doing any real damage.

Keep in mind that some of these pranks are still a little bit mean, because in the end, pranks have a bit of meanness to them. The key is that you aren't going to be doing lasting damage or really hurting anyone.

The Pumpkin Line

This particular trick will take a good bit of stealth. When everyone has gone to sleep, either the night before Halloween or on Halloween night, go up and grab everyone's Jack O' Lanterns, then line them up along the street. 

When people come out the next morning they will not only find their pumpkins gone but lined up along the street. Make sure to include your own pumpkin or it will be rather obvious who was behind the trick. You can also leave a couple of pumpkins untouched on different porches. This way, those who come out as victims of this prank will not only not suspect you but they will suspect the people who have had the pumpkins left alone.

At the very least those victimized will wonder why they were left alone.

The Reverse Trick or Treat

This particular prank creates confusion rather than scares or anger. In order to pull this one off, you simply dress up in costume just as any other trick or treater would. 

Fill up a bag or basket of candy and head out on your way. At each door, ring the bell and wait for the person who lives inside. When they appear, ready to hand out whatever treats they may have, beat them to the punch. Quickly plop a piece of candy in their container, say "Thank You" and make your get away.

The sheer oddness of this particular act should have the person standing in their doorway quite confused.

Caramel Onions

This trick is one that will almost surely get you some glares but the aftermath is plenty funny.

Caramel apples are synonymous with the Halloween time of year and as far as trick ideas for Halloween goes, this is one of the best of all time. Once they are covered in caramel, its pretty hard to tell the difference between an onion and an apple. Douse an onion (it should be perfectly round or at least have the shape more people expect from an apple) in enough caramel that there can't be any telling the two apart. Then jab a popsicle stick in just like you would with a caramel apple.

Display like the tasty treats people think they are and watch the fun begin when someone takes a bite.  

This particular trick can be done two different ways, depending on how easily you want the prank to be traced back to you. If you throw an annual Halloween party, you can make these the centerpiece of your party. Of course your guests will know exactly who just had them biting into onions. You can also hand these out to trick or treaters, but then of course you are guaranteeing some truly heartbroken kids. 

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