Valentines day for kids

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Making cards is a fun Valentine's Day craft for kids
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Valentine's Day is a sweet day for kids

Valentine's Day is more of a holiday for kids than it is for adults. A day dedicated
to candy, chocolate and fun activities? How could it not be?

In February, store aisles beckon kids with their red, glittery chocolate-filled hearts, cards emblazoned with Dora the Explorer, Hannah Montana and SpongeBob SquarePants, marshmallow Peeps and activity books and crafts. Valentines day for kids may not be quite as exciting as Halloween, but it is a close second.

Traditionally, school classrooms around the country host some type of festive Valentine's Day party for kids, complete with red and white handmade decorations, card-swapping, cupcakes with pink icing and candy hearts with messages like "You're cute" or "Kiss Me."

Party ideas

Teachers, are you planning a Valentine's Day party? Here are some ideas that might help your party stay fresh and stand out.

Buy a Valentines' Day pinata! Kids will love taking turns whacking at a giant cupid or heart filled with candy galore. (Just be sure they don't start whacking at each other!

Include creative activities like Valentine Bingo or candy relay (who can unwrap candy the fastest?). Depending on the length of the party and number of kids in attendance, you may want to set up activity stations around the room.

Give out novelty items like yo-yos, temporary tattoos, heart-adorned pencils, stickers or window clings, and - of course - edible candy bracelets.

Craft ideas 

Help your little ones express their heartfelt affection to friends and family members with these craft suggestions.

  • Make roses. You can help kids fashion a bouquet of roses out of green pipe cleaners, red foam and craft glue. Simply cut the foam into petal shapes and glue onto the pipe stem. Voila! A bouquet of roses!
  • Create some lovebugs. All you need is pink, white or red finger paint, construction paper and little fingers. Simply have the kids dip their fingers in the paint and make fingerprints on the paper. Once dry, draw lines for legs, eyes or antennas.
  • Coupon cards. Help your child create, print and cut a coupon card for his or her teachers, friends or other family members. The coupon card can be used for a big bear hug, a household chore or just a nice message.

Cards for kids

Valentine's Day cards are a staple for kids, who swap them with friends, family members and teachers. The traditional card packs have evolved to include everything from the flavor of the month in entertainment to sports themes and the usual suspects - hearts and candies. 

No matter what your plans, one thing holds true: Keep it sweet and Valentines day for kids is sure to be nothing less than a success.

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