Unique Valentines day gift ideas

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Skip the candy hearts and give a different Valentine's Day gift
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Spice up Valentine's Day with these gift ideas

Valentine's Day is closing in and the pressure is on ... again. Sure, it would be great to splurge on a trip for two to Fiji, but that's highly unlikely, right? Why not skip the tired candy hearts and trade in the stuffed bear for some fresh Valentines day gift ideas instead?

For the true romantic:

OK, chocolate will always be a Valentine's Day staple. But, don't just pick up any old oversized heart off the shelf; take some time to create an assortment of chocolates that he or she loves. By customizing your selection, you avoid that inevitable smorgasbord of half-eaten, leftover chocolates.

Romantics will never bore of receiving flowers on Valentine's Day. And roses will almost always win over your die-hard romantic (especially if you have them sent to her workplace). But, if you want to shake things up a bit, buy your love a bouquet of fresh-cut tulips. No flower brightens up a room like the tulip.

Get old-school and make your love a mixed CD. Long gone are the days of the sentimental, often angst-ridden, mixed tape, but you can still get your message across by customizing a CD. Incorporate your special song, of course, but don't keep it sappy. Mix it up with different genres, specifically music styles that are his favorite. Or if you really want to win him over, burn his favorite record onto a CD. Now that will impress him!

For the techie:

Ultimately, is geek central for techies. The site offers some unique Valentines day gift ideas, too, like the USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner, the Mixtape Memory Stick (ironic) and Circuit Board Necklaces.

A digital picture frame is a cool idea for your technophile. Simply plug in your USB "jump drive" and load all the photos you want. Depending on the type you choose, a digital picture frame can hold anywhere from 60 photos to thousands.

For the foodie:

Duh, gourmet pasta! How can you go wrong with heart-shaped ravioli or striped saffron and tomato bow-tie pasta? For a twist on traditional pasta, check out Alfonso Gourmet Pasta. It is almost too pretty to eat!

Orange you special! Give the gift that keeps on giving - Florida oranges! Everyone loves oranges, not only for their great taste, but for the health benefits.

A gift certificate to her favorite restaurant is always a winner (especially if she takes you with her).

For the wine-lover:

Well, there's always the wine of the month club to keep a year-round smile on your love's face.

Or, even better, how about a special toast to your sweetie with a personalized bottle of vino?

We hope the Valentines day gift ideas listed here will help you kickstart your search for just the right gift for your sweetheart. Move over, stuffed teddy bear!

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