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The Right Party Place Sets a Fun Atmosphere
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The best places to have a teen's party

Teenagers are a peculiar bunch. They grow up incredibly fast. They can also be very awkward and hard to please. But I'm a very lucky mom because not only do I have a teenager, but I have a teenager who has a birthday coming. I have the task these days of trying to please my teenager as she approaches a milestone birthday. We are searching for the perfect party theme and trying to decide where to have a party for her special day.

I have planned many kiddie parties, adult theme parties, Halloween and Christmas parties, but when it comes to a teen's party, I get a little anxious. Being popular and cool is important to them. A great party is critical and important it is for their popularity quotient. Selecting the wrong venue in deciding where to have a party for a teenager could get them evicted from the 'way cool club'. They may even feel the need to change schools if the party doesn't go well! They could lose friends, get laughed at and experience a little whispering.

By the way, do they even say 'way cool' anymore? I didn't think so.

With a little help from some of my friends and listening carefully to my burgeoning teenager, I have found several 'way cool' places that helped me decide where to have a party for her and her peeps. Now I know peeps is cool! So here goes:

* Swimming Pool/Club Houses. This will always be a hit with teenagers. With a few bags of chips, lots of carbonated drinks and loud music and your party venue will be a hit. Teens love the pool atmosphere and your only trouble may be getting them to go home after the party's over!

* Horse Farms. You wouldn't think so, but teenagers love the country with open fields, lakes and horses. If you've got a stretch of land, a farmhouse or open fields somewhere, this works great. The theme of the party can be horse riding, and it never gets dull or boring. Be sure to have all the necessary horse riding gear, and this party will be, again, "way cool'!

* Amusement Parks. Another great place in deciding where to have a party for teenagers. This is (almost) one of those venues where you can drop them off at the gate and pick them up at nightfall.

* Spa Parties. I'm sure this type of venue will likely be more of a great place for the girls more than the guys, so maybe include them next time. But to make the spa party even more fabulous, rent a limousine to pick up the girls from the birthday girls house and take them to the spa, to dinner and back to he house. Teenage girls love this kind of attention!
Can't swing the cost of a spa visit for everyone? Bring the spa home. Just stock up on a selection of nail care products, facial masks and some cozy white robes, and let them pamper each other. 

* Movie Theaters. In deciding where to have a party, the movie theater venue never gets old and never gets boring. There's always a new movie out that will fit the teen scene and the party time will be full of action and socializing.

* Comedy Clubs. A clean,family-friendly comedy club is an excellent place for party-planning for teenagers, especially the older ones.

When planning your teen's party, you may find that the venue will change several times before they've settled on the place that they really want. This is just part of their peculiarity and you shouldn't let it phase you in any way. Simply smile and muddle through it and you would have survived a first of many teen scene parties!

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