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Best skin care products

By Nancy Livingstone
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Treatments and products once only provided by dermatologists are now accessible to consumers.
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The best skin care products available online

There are over 200 products on the market today created to remedy the signs of aging. From Botox alternatives to alpha-hydroxy serums and wrinkle relaxers, these products range in cost from under $10 to over $300 per ounce. How can you determine which products are effective? And how do you determine which are the best skin care products that are right for you?

The following represents the opinions of skin care professionals who have evaluated various anti aging (wrinkle reducing) products. Listed are their recommendations for the top five skin care products for anti aging based on long term effectiveness for wrinkle reduction; instant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles; antioxidant protective properties delaying skin cell aging; skin renewal and collagen stimulating properties; and skin smoothing and firming properties.

1. Rejuvinol 2. Alpha Derma 3. Idebenol 4. Strixderm

Useful tips that contribute to achieving and maintaining younger looking skin, include the following: • Be certain to consistently apply the product(s) you choose in accordance with its directions for use. • Pay special attention to your neck and hands while applying the product(s) you choose, as these areas reflect your age. • Always use sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15. • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to stay well hydrated. • Avoid excessive intake of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, as they may contribute to dehydration and exacerbate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; and • Be sure to get adequate rest every day.

There are many new skin care products using cutting-edge chemicals and ingredients on the market today. The fastest growing segment are those creams and lotions that offer anti-aging properties, and are designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, frown lines, and crow's feet. Many of these products can help people take years off their face, without resorting to Botox® injections or costly chemical peels or face-lifts.

In other evaluations of the best skin care products for anti aging effects the following were reviewed by skin care professionals: Avotone, Strivectin-SD, Rejuvenex, Hydroderm 1. Avotone received their highest rating as the #1 anti-wrinkle skin cream. It contains 10% AH-3 to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and avocado oil to moisturize and replenish. It is safe for male and female users, and was reported to have a significant effect on wrinkles and skin texture in just 1-2 months of use. 2. Strivectin has proven a popular facial cream to minimize the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles. Originally designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, it does contain an oglio-peptide that reviewers report helps with forehead lines and crow's feet, users must use frequently or results fade quickly. 3. Rejuvenex is one of the older products on the market and blends Vitamin C and Alpha-hydroxy acid with plant extracts to produce an anti-aging skin cream. No effect on deep wrinkles was experienced after Rejuvenex use. It was reported to have effective sunscreen properties, but some users report mild redness with repeated use.

4. Hydroderm consists of marine collagen and Vyo-serum. It is supposed to allow collagen to absorb through the skin and strengthen the skin's own collagen. It is a liquid, applied twice daily to improve skin tone and firmness. Hydroderm is not recommended for male users.

Overall Comparison of those creams that are considered by this panel of reviewers as the best skin care products for anti aging: Avotone Rejuvenex Hydroderm Success Rate: 90% 80% 60% 60% Price (per 3 month supply): $160.00 $135.00 $135.00 $240.00 (approximate pricing camparisons)

Reputation: Great Excellent Fair Good Based on submitted reviews to the professionals and their staff's comparisons, the highest rating was awarded to Avotone. A new product, their service and results were among the best in the opinions of reviewers. They are also the only product to offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

While the majority of these products are marketed to female consumers, surprisingly, research indicates that men account for approximately 25% of this market. It seems that women are no longer the only gender searching for the fountain of youth. Male or female - go online to find the best skin care products at the very best prices.

Whichever you decide to try, be sure to faithfully following the instructions for their use and to discontinue immediately if you have any adverse reaction.

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