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The best way to tan - Facts about indoor tanning

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Tanning bed
Receive a tan all-year round with a sunless tanning system.
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Tanning beds will give you the best tan

The best way to tan is to use a tanning system that gives you all-over coverage.  You can have skin that looks as if it was "kissed" by the sun even if it's snowing and raining where you live.  It is possible, here's how.

If you do not like to lie out in the sun, the best way to tan is to use a tanning bed.  You will not have to carry a "beach bag" that contains items such as sun block, flip flops, and other beach essentials. 

Many people prefer sunless tanning and consider this the best way to tan.  You receive an all-over tan without any tan lines.  This is a flawless application.  You'll receive an even, natural coverage.  You will not experience any "splotchy" areas as you would with another application.

Perhaps you are asked to be in a wedding that is taking place in Southern California.  You do not want to be the only one in the bridal party without a tan, do you?  You can receive a tan that looks as if you laid out in the California with a sunless tanning system.  This is the best way to tan in a short amount of time.

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You can receive a "myst tan."  This is the best way to tan if you have a phobia about tanning beds.  You'll receive a tan that looks as if it was airbrushed onto your body.  Your tan will be very natural-looking.

The best way to tan is to choose a system that is right for you.  This may take trial and error.  Remember that "every body" is different.  Before you start tanning, ask questions about each system.  Make sure you're comfortable with the system that you choose.

If you do not want to layout in the sun, you can still get a tan.  Be sensible when you tan.  Avoid excessive tanning.  You do not want to have skin that is wrinkled like a prune!  Take it easy -- do not go every day.

Getting a tan once in awhile is a great way to treat yourself.   Perhaps you have a birthday coming up.  Book an appointment with your favorite salon and spa.  You can make a day of it.  On the other hand, if you want a tan 365 days out of the year, purchase your own tanning bed.

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