Celebrities who overcame their acne

By April Hall
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Even celebrities battle acne
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While it may seem as if celebrities have flawless skin when you see them in the movies or on television, the reality is that many of these individuals suffer from acne. Acne is a skin condition that can affect people of many different ages, as well as both sexes. If you feel like you are alone in your battle with acne, take heart in knowing that even famous movie stars are dealing with the same thing.

Britney Spears Britney Spears has struggled with acne for many years. During her teen idol era, she faced the same skin problems as other teenagers, and dealt with them using the same prescription medications that are used by thousands of youth. When she became pregnant with her first son, pregnancy hormones caused yet another breakout. Spears' skin problems were caught be photographers wherever she went, and some people were actually glad to know that her skin was only perfect after an air-brushing session. Still, Spears overcame her acne and her skin is healthier.

Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson is another young celebrity who has dealt with acne for many years. She has actually become a spokesperson for the condition, and many young people have begun trying the products that the singer/actress promotes. She even agreed to be publicly photographed while in the midst of acne breakouts. While her approach may not work for everyone, she is a role model for individuals who wish to understand more about how to treat their acne.

Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz's sunny smile lights up every movie she's in, so it may come as a bit of a surprise to know that she deals with acne as well. Her skin may appear flawless on the red carpet and in magazine spreads, but she also has the advantage of having a team of make-up artists on staff to help her put her best face forward. While she does not speak openly about her battle with acne, she has acknowledged her struggle with the condition.

Brad Pitt Acne does not only strike women, of course. It may shock you to know Brad Pitt, who is often seen as the sexiest men alive, has dealt with acne during his lifetime. Brad Pitt struggled with the condition earlier in life, and now has to live with the lasting pock marks and scars left by acne. Make-up artists on set usually are able to completely cover his scars during movie and magazine shoots, but he still has to deal with them in his everyday life. He is one of the most visible celebrities who overcame their acne, and exudes a self confidence that is inspirational to everyday people who face it, as well.

Other famous people who overcame acne Some celebrities have chosen to use other methods to deal with the after-effects of acne: Actor Edward James Olmos has very visible acne scars, and chooses not to cover them up with anything but a mustache; Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead covered his scars with a bushy beard.

It may be a bit easier for men in the public eye to let go of some of the anxiety of acne scars; for women, the standard of flawless skin remains. If you are an acne sufferer, take comfort in knowing that there are a number of celebrities who overcame their acne and have gone on to achieve great success. If they can keep their self confidence in the face of unrelenting paparazzi snapping their every move, you certainly can face the awkward situations in your life, realizing you are so much more than the skin condition on your face.

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