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How long do hair extensions last?

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How long hair extensions last depends on the technique used to attach them

How long do hair extensions last? It depends on the technique used and the skill of the stylist when attaching the hair. Glue-in and sew-in extension wefts can last up to 90 days. However, the hair should be checked monthly making sure the adhesive holds and the scalp has not become irritated. 


Micro links and shrink links are used when the customer wants longer-lasting hair additions. Hair is attached to a small copper tube or ring, which fastens onto portions of real hair.

The good thing about using links: No solvents or adhesives are necessary and the damage to real hair is miniscule. This method is kinder to the hair and scalp than other techniques as well as a good choice for those with thin or fine hair. The result is very natural looking and can last up to five months.

However, links can be challenging to remove and become loose after washing hair a few times, which releases some of the strands. They add extra weight to the hair, which some people don't like. 


This technique requires an adhesive to fuse the additions to real hair. Hot fusion entails braiding the extension to natural hair and bonding the real hair with the added hair using a wax adhesive. Some people do not care for this approach because they say the glue makes the additions feel unnatural and stiff.

It takes several hours to undergo the fusion process and an equal amount of time to remove the additions. 

Fusion and bonded additions are quite natural looking and last three to five months or even up to three quarters of a year, although the hair must be maintained. Schedule regular visits with your stylist. 


When tracks of hair up to six inches are attached, gluing or bonding is usually required. Adhesive is put on the root of the customer's hair before additions are applied. This technique doesn't take long but it doesn't last as long as other methods. 


When extensions are sewn into the real hair this is called weaving. The clien'ts hair is braided tightly, close to the scalp, in cornrows, and the weft is sewn into the braid. Some find this process painful and too time consuming; however, the style lasts for a long time.


There are various weaving techniques including the Malaysian link method sew-in, suitable for those with very short hair. No glue or adhesives are involved. It lasts eight or 10 weeks. 

When opting for a traditional sew-in and net weaving, a thin net is placed on top of the person's braided hair. The net functions as a foundation. This allows additions to be applied without creating bulkiness and is ideal for those with bald areas or thinning hair.

The net enables attachments to be placed in balding and thinning areas of the scalp and prevents stress on natural hair. This technique last between 10 and 12 weeks.

Another approach is the 'quick weave,' which is done using bonding adhesive. The stylist puts liquid sealant protector on top of the client's hair, which protects the hair from the bonding lue. 

Twenty minutes are spent under the hair dryer and then the additions are applied. Once you shampoo, the glue lifts off. 

Some don't want to fully commit so opt for partial weaving, which adds and blends a few additions to natural hair, creating fullness and length. 

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