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How to blow dry your hair

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Blow dry your hair and achieve great results
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Perfect tips on how to blow dry your hair for exactly the style you want

It may be surprising to some, but not all methods of blow drying hair are created equally. Sure, messing your hand through your mane while agrgessively waving the hair dryer through it will get the job done, but the results won't look promising. 

From pre-blow drying to post-blow drying, here are tips on how to blow dry your hair the best possible way:

The Preparation

Many people go straight to blow drying their hair after the shower. This is incorrect as you need to prepare your hair to be dried. Do this by putting anti-frizz or heat shielding serums/sprays in your hair. Some products are two-in-one, which means they provide both frizz and heat protection.

How you apply the serum or spray is important. First, pour a dime sized amount of serum to the palm of your hand. If using a spray, 7 or 8 pumps of the bottle should be enough. These are amounts suggested for hair that's around shoulder and upper back length, so apply more or less accordingly.

Apply the product starting at the ends of your hair (this is where hair is driest) and work your way up to the rest of your hair. This step will ensure frizz free hair and protect it from the heat of the blow dryer, so do not skip it!

Suggested Tools and Settings

Now that your hair is prepared, make sure you have the right tools. Purchase a blow dryer that has a tip. This attachment concentrates the hot air from the blow dryer on one spot. Most blow dryers have a setting of hot, warm, and cold. The warm setting will do, but the hot setting is suggested for ultimate frizz fighting and hold. For a bit of volume and bounce use a round ceramic, metal, or titanium hairbrush as these hold heat the best. For a straighter look simply use a flat hairbrush. 

Blow Drying

This step is essential now that you've bought all of the tools and products. Starting at the root, put your brush below a 1 1/2 inch section of hair. With the blow dryer following the movement of the brush, slowly bring the brush down to the end of your hair. If using a round brush, rotate it slightly inward once it nears your ends. Repeat this step on the same section of hair until dry, and then do it section by section on the rest of your hair.

Final Touches

Now is the time to go the extra mile for flawless hair. Does your hair look a bit greasy from adding too much hair serum? Put a bit of baby powder in your hands and work it into your hair, concentrating it at the roots where hair is the most oily.

For extra shine, add 7 or 8 spritzes of a finishing spray all over your hair.

Voila! Say hello to shiny perfection.

Knowing how to blow dry your hair properly isn't strictly for the hairdresser. Just give it a bit of TLC from prepping to finishing touches, and you'll want to make it part of your regular beauty routine!

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