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Tanning bed lotions are not all the same

By Jean Sanders
Info Guru,

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Don't use outdoor suntan oil with a tanning bed
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Compare tanning bed lotions because they all have different uses and benefits

If you love to tan indoors and are always eager to do whatever you can to boost and enhance color, then chances are you use some type of sunning lotion, oil, or cream. While many people think these products are all the same, the truth is they are not equal. For that reason, you should take time to compare tanning bed lotions, learning which products will help you get the golden tan you want but safely. And, we do want to underscore safely!

The reason is that tanning beds emit far more UV rays than the sun and these products can actually promote a burn, not a tan. With that, you would be miserable and be putting yourself at greater risk for skin cancer and other problems. Therefore, plan to invest a little bit on the best products for the nicest and safest tan.

Just as there are products for outdoor sunning, you can also purchase lotion, oils, and creams that are made specifically for indoor use. While these products promote a better, healthier tan, they also add some protection against harmful rays. Therefore, if you decide to use a salon as a means of getting a tan, you might check out some of the current products, choosing one that best matches your skin type.

Indoor tanning does in fact have many benefits and if respected, it can be relatively safe. As with anything, too much of a good thing can cause problems. Therefore, while you might want a tan quickly, you would do best to tan in short five minute increments and allow several weeks to a month to achieve your goal. The results can be amazing

Keep in mind that trying to determine the best lotion for indoor salon use can be overwhelming with so many products on the market from which to choose. Some are a nice cream, oil, or lotion, some labeled as accelerants, and so on. The interesting thing is that if you were to ask people who indoor tan on a regular basis, the majority would tell you that they see no to little difference from the inexpensive type to the expensive brands. Therefore, do not make your decision simply based on price.

Although you will compare brands by the dozens, The Tanning Info Center put a list together on some of the better brands to consider. According to the center, Swedish Beauty products are wonderful. They smell great, reminding you of being in the tropics, and they work. The special formula is designed to enhance your tan by using quality moisturizers, vitamin complexes, and what they refer to as "Tingle Power." Some of the favorites include Unforgiven, a great bronzer, Pine Diamond, produces a tingling sensation, Simply Divine, perfect for a deep tan, and Endless, offering a sweet fragrance.

Another brand is from the Australian Gold - Colorology Line. Some of the specific lotions people love includes My Passion, which is designed with a triple action, anti-aging formula, Bearly Legal, a dark tan accelerator, Sun Dreams, an excellent bronzer that is made with hemp, Free Spirit, both immediate and delayed bronzer that has a gentle hint of roses, berries, and vanilla, Body Kisses, tanner with moisturizer and the scent of lavender and melon, and Forever After, a 24-hour tan extender and moisturizer, among others.

Caribbean Gold is yet another line that they consider truly amazing. They say that with this, you will enjoy a light fragrance that has a hint of floral. The ingredients are specially combined to condition, moisturize, protect, and nourish the skin while being tanned. Because of this, you would enjoy the rich golden tan you long for without adding on lines and wrinkles. Additionally, all of this line is hypoallergenic, and has a soothing aloe base.

Finally, there is the Boss line of lotions, creams, and oils. These formulas are all wonderful, producing a great tan. For example, you might try the bronzer made with hemp seed oil, one called Cool Blast, which creates the sensation of a cool breeze, Boss Zest that contains an excellent moisturizer, and much more. As you can see, your options are tremendous. Just choose the product that matches your skin type and your degree of skin coloration.

While most people think tanning beds are completely safe, the truth is that there are two issues to consider with indoor skin color deepening. First, this practice can lead to skin cancer and you can experience eye damage.

The key in both cases is to make wise choices and take the appropriate measures to ensure you are safe when using this method of salon coloring. This includes finding the best skin care products for your particular skin type as well as using proper eye protection.

For the eyes, many studies have shown that increased exposure to ultraviolet rays actually increases the possibility of developing certain types of cataracts. While cataracts can be removed surgically, they can present as a serious problem. However, overexposure can cause other eye problems such as pterygium, which is tissue growth on the white part of the eye, and macula degeneration, which is damage to the retina.

Therefore, above anything, always wear the protective eye gear. Remember that not all salons enforce the wearing of goggles so ultimately, you have the responsibility to protect your eyes. If you notice the goggles not fitting correctly, ask for another pair until you find one that does. Many people who tan on a regular basis will buy their own goggles, ensuring their eyes have the best possible protection.

And, check out the above list to determine if one of these is among the best tanning bed lotions for you.

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