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Tanning beds easy to find

By Jean Sanders
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tanning bed
Did you know that you can even find tanning beds for sale on the internet?
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Let your browser find tanning beds for sale

If you're a small salon operator or just a private citizen interested in acquiring a tanning bed for your own personal use, look no further than the internet to find the perfect source...and the perfect price of tanning beds for sale.

There's one outfit (Atlantic Tan) that sells new and used tanning beds, and all the tanning supplies you'll need to start or upgrade a salon. They also carry a full selection of indoor tanning supplies for the at-home tanner, including personal tanning beds, tanning bed lotions, and smaller, easy to operate airbrush units. Their selection is really amazing - from luxury commercial tanning beds for spas to reliable used tanning beds for smaller salons.

If you're an individual and are looking for tanning beds for sale, before you purchase one make certain you check out the manufacture's specifications and safety record. Follow all instructions regarding safe use and operation. And, here are some tanning bed tips for the best results. First, when it comes to how to use a tanning bed and get a worry free tan, you need to tan on a consistent basis. That means to start by building a good base tan, which generally takes about six to eight tanning sessions. Keep in mind that some people tan very quickly and may have a base tan in as few as three sessions. To accomplish this, you want to tan for about eight out of twelve days, making sure you do not skip even one session. If you have fair skin or your skin tends to dry out easily, then stick with an every other day or every two days during the base building time.

Other tanning bed tips/hints include maintenance and alternation. For the maintenance, once you have built your base tan, you should continue tanning about two times every week. With this, you will not sunburn but keep the beautiful golden tan that you worked so hard to achieve. When looking for tanning beds for sale, before you purchase realize that you are making a commitment to a long range program.

Final tanning bed tips include things to protect the eyes. ALWAYS wear goggles, even if you think you do not need them, goggles protect the eyes. Make sure the goggles fit perfectly as well. If you do not wear goggles, you are at significant risk of experiencing eye pain or injury. In fact, without goggles, you are setting yourself up for long-term damage. Additionally, never wear contact lenses of any kind during the tanning phase. Simply remove them to avoid damaging the eyes. As you can see, getting a successful tan is not impossible although it does require some strategy.

Check out the online sites of dealers offering wholesale tanning beds. There are many! From one to several dozen, wholesale tanning beds are available at really great prices. Atlantic Tan is one to check out.

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