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Treat your dog to a pet bed that suits her style
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Choose a pet bed that fits your dog and your home's decor

You remember the classic dog pet bed, right?  It was a large, shapeless wood chip or pellet- filled sack with the ugliest cover possible.  Something in otherwise unheard of pet-themed patterns of orange, green and livid yellow.   Or if you had a small dog, pet bed styles were more nest-shaped, complete with a fake lambs-wool interior and a corduroy outside in shades of blue or red that never existed beyond the world of pet supplies.

At that time a dog bed was, at best, a necessity we learned to live with, but never an asset to the decor.  And with all those wood chips, probably not so comfortable for Fido, either!  In fact, a new bag of chips stuffed inside the cover was as close as any pet came to having an orthopedic dog bed!

Thank goodness those days are gone!

The new look in dog pet bed design

Today's dog beds are designed for your dog's comfort, but with your interior design in mind. Whether your tastes are country French, Scandinavian modern, or log cabin rustic, there is a dog pet bed designed to match your decor and keep your best friend comfy and happy.

Going over the top

If you have a small dog, and a shabby chic interior design, why not match your pet's bed to your room?  Select a canopy style, or something with the look of aged wood or old metal.  Or buy a shiny one and add that shabby, well-loved look with some new paint and a generous application of sandpaper.

ust remember that doggies like to chew, so make sure the paint you select is non-toxic. Replace satiny cushions with a rich toile or floral print, and instantly you have the perfect repose for your four-footed friend and a new accessory to match your decor.

Catering to the senior dog

If your pet is up in years, an orthopedic dog pet bed is probably your best choice.  And no, that doesn't mean adding some extra stuffing to the bag!  Today's orthopedic choices include memory foam support and built in heaters to keep elderly canines comfortable.

In general, older dogs prefer a more supportive bed, but some might like to sink into a comfortable cloud of a bed.  If your dog has trouble getting up off the floor, go for the firmer bed.  If he suffers from sores where his skin lies against a floor or other hard surface, choose the fluffier, softer bed.

Give your dog a choice of rooms

Dogs like to be where you are.  And most of the time, that won't be in the room where you keep the one dog bed.  So where is your pet supposed to get comfortable?

If you want to keep your dogs off the furniture, make sure they have a place of their own in several rooms of the house. A durable, weather resistant dog pet bed outside, a fancy draped bed in the boudoir, and a sporty place to rest in the family room will keep your dog happy no matter where in the house you...and your dog...may be.

Dog pet bed basics

  • Make sure the bed is big enough.  Even if your dog likes to curl up, make sure a good stretch is possible now and then.
  • Choose a bed with a washable or at least easily changed cover.  Doggy beds can get dirty, so the ability to clean the fabric is essential.
  • Make sure it's non-toxic.  Dogs chew and lick, so make sure the materials and paints won't harm your pet.
  • Watch for choke points. Unlike pinch points on machinery, a choke point is the spot where your dog's collar could get caught.  If you're not home when it happens, the results could be tragic, so check in advance for posts or other extensions that could catch a collar.
  • Make sure it's well made. That adorable couch-style bed is cute, but if the legs collapse as soon as your  furry friend hops on, it's not really a dog pet bed.  Save it for the porcelain dolls and find something more substantial for the dog.

But if you insist....

If you really don't want to find the perfect bed to compliment your interior design, there are a few places around that still sell the old dog beds with the uniquely colored covers. But are you sure that's what you want?  Can't I talk you into a tasteful microfiber in dove gray and ...

Wait...what color is that arm chair you're sitting in?  Nev
er mind!  The orange and green bed will be just right!

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