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She's a special dog so she deserves a special name
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Ideas for finding creative female dog names for your little girl puppy

Picking out the perfect name for your new girl puppy or dog is important. A name helps to define how you...and other people...will see her. 

So before you head over to the baby naming sites to browse through thousands of choices, take a few minutes to read these tips for finding the perfect girl dog names for your new pet. 

She's special, so her name should be special too

Your dog isn't just any old pet. She's yours, and that makes her something wonderful. She deserves a name that reflects that! So skip the most common girl dog names you're likely to hear at every dog park and dog training class like Belle, Princess or Jasmine. 

Your uncommon pet should have an uncommon puppy name. 

Start with her

What is your new puppy or dog like? I know you're just getting to know her, but think about what you do know. Is she energetic? Shy? Fluffy? Does she have a coat of many colors, or is she just one lovely color?

Names that reflect traits or physical characteristics can be good choices if they're not too overdone. So skip Fluffy or Snowball...there are more than enough of those!  But a more uncommon choice like Vanilla (or Nila) might work. If you're stumped for words that describe a color or trait, try a Thesaurus to find unique alternatives to over-used names. 

Translation, please

Taking a common name or word and translating it into another language is another good way to find a name for your dog. When I rescued a dog who was a classic "mutt", I wanted to give her a name that described her mixed heritage. 

So I tried out the words for "mixed" or "mixed together" in several languages to see what worked. We finally settled on "Pastichio", the Greek word that roughly means "mixed" or "mess". 

Keep it positive

Sure, your new pup might have a taste for chewing shoes now, but naming her "Destroyer", "Puddles" or "Home Wrecker". Trust me, she will stop chewing shoes, peeing on the carpet and eating the woodwork, but by then it'll be too late to change her name. 

Look into your life

I read a biography of a PhD student who was completing her dissertation when she got her new dog.  She named it Logos (logic) because that's what she was studying.  A friend of mine named her dogs after her company's two product lines, and another named her new pup for a favorite book character.

Picking a name from things you love or are doing in your life is a great way to create a bond between her life and yours. 

Go random

If all else fails, try a random dog name generator to help spark your creativity. Even if you don't see the perfect name there, the suggestions might spark an idea that will lead to the perfect name.

Once you pick her name....

After you have her name selected, make sure you give her the gift of a new doggie name tag for her collar. You can also have her name added to a dog bed, leash or bowl to let everyone know who your new pup is. 

And don't forget to update the information at the microchip registry, your vet and anywhere else she might go. 

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