Hanukkah presents for dogs

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The perfect Hanukkah gifts for your pampered pooch
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Make sure Fido and Fifi aren't forgotten at Hanukkah

When it's time to kindle the Hanukkah lights, you try to make sure you have a little something for everyone in your family. Shouldn't that include the four-footed members the household, too? 

I think so! That's why I gathered some of the best ideas for Hanukkah presents for dogs and puppies. So before you spin the driedel, check out these ideas for the canine side of Hanukkah shopping.

Treats, anyone?

You can never go wrong with treats, and Hanukkah is no exception. Your dog can't share in the latkes (most latkes contain onions, which can be toxic to dogs) and of course the chocolate gelt are off-limits, so you'll need to get some goodies made just for them.

Local pet boutiques usually offer special holiday cookies for dogs, so look for treats in the shape of dreidels, hannukiahs (menorahs), or Stars of David. Or simply order some of your dog's favorite treats and offer them one each night after candle lighting.

Fashion matters

What dog wouldn't love sporting a crisp new Hanukkah bandana while they snack on doggie dreidel cookies? Or how about a warm sweater for chilly outings -- in seasonal blue of course!

If your dog is celebrating Hanukkah in warmer climes, a Hanukkah t-shirt might be the ideal choice. You can order one online, or buy a plain blue or white dog shirt at the pet store and decorate it yourself.

After a hard day of walks and napping

What could be better than ending a busy day in a cozy new dog bed? I did a search for Hanukkah-print dog beds, but couldn't find any. However, you could always opt for a soft, warm bed in a rich sapphire shade and stay within the holiday hue.

Let's play!

The other day, I walked by a pet boutique and saw an entire basket filled with plush dog toys shaped like the Star of David, menorahs and dreidels. The shop was closed, but I plan to go back and pick out a few for my pup. 

New toys are always fun, but having them in Hanukkah shapes makes them even more fun! The big pet supply stores might have some holiday themed toys, but your best bet is to check out the smaller, independent pet boutiques for novelty toys like these.

This is personal

Why not treat your precious pup to something made just for them? From a personalized food and water bowl set to a shiny new name tag, personalized dog gifts are a wonderful way to spoil your own dog...or treat another special dog in your life.

You might want to pair that new set of name tags with a new leash and collar, too. Some shops do carry holiday-themed leashes, or you could just select a leash and collar in blue, silver or a blue and white print.

When you can't pick just one

If it's too hard to pick just one or two Hanukkah gifts for your dog, you can always order a doggie gift basket. Most of the commercial gift basket companies now offer baskets filled with treats, toys and more selected just for pups. 

And with a little luck, you might even be able to find a Hanukkah-themed gift basket filled with doggie goodies!

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