How to show a dog

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Showing a dog requires some special skills. Read on and learn more about them.

Would you like to learn how to show a dog? If you own a handsome, pure-bred animal that is at least six months of age, and qualified as an eligible breed, the animal can be entered at a dog show. A spayed or neutered dog is not show material. You will need to prepare both yourself and the animal for the event as there is a proper decorum necessary for shows and your animal will need to be perfectly groomed with attractive accessories that set the tone and image of your presentation.

Attending a dog show is an important requisite in learning how to show a dog. Watching the judging as well as the action can only help to prepare you in mastering how to show a dog. If you are having trouble finding out when and where shows are held in your area, consider subscribing to the AKC Gazette. This American Kennel Club publication includes listings of all the AKC events held throughout the country.

Some thoughts about learning how to show a dog

For most accomplishments in life, there are rules to follow and miles of mistakes to go before you sleep (to sort of paraphrase Robert Frost). Learning how to show a dog is no exception. Here are some suggestions to help you along your way.

1- Attend classes

Dog shows are by far the very best place to find out about classes concerning showing a dog in a ring. A national list of clubs is available from the American Kennel Club and you should join a local chapter if you are considering showing your dog. Classes are sponsored by the AKC and are geared to teaching the basics of dog handling and how to show a dog. The club may also run what are known as match shows in your area. These are fun exhibitions that are really “dress rehearsals” for the real thing, and while these shows award no points toward an AKC title, they provide a wonderful testing ground for both dog training and the novice dog handler. In their own way, they provide the same sort of experience indicated by Thomas Edison when he told the press: “I have discovered forty ways to not make light today.”

2- Consider hiring a professional handler

There’s a lot to learn in mastering the art of how to show a dog and using the most effective dog-training products. It is possible that you may be better off having a professional do the job until you can effectively learn the ropes. Professional handlers charge a fee, so before hiring a handler make sure you obtain a fee schedule. Talk to several handlers, get copies of their rate schedules and visit their facilities. Observe them both in and out of the ring before making up your mind which handler to choose.

If you are an exhibitor for the first time, you must remember when learning how to show a dog that the animal must be registered with the AKC, and current on all inoculations. You must also become familiar with the AKC rules and regulations pertaining to dog shows and most important of all, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

After all, no matter how smart or beautiful your dog is, he or she can’t do that!

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