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Some things you should know about natural pet remedies

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – Chinese proverb

Natural pet remedies offer alternative treatments and preventive measures that aid in sustaining the absolute best health possible for our beloved pets. Pet supplements, pet care products and natural pet remedies are all part of a complex holistic treatment picture, which translates roughly into the “whole” animal being regarded and treated as a complete entity, not just a series of independent systems or organs.

Our animals experience many of the same health problems and ailments that we do, and pollution, poor nutrition and health, emotional and psychological stress all take their particular debilitating toll in the form of diabetes, digestive disorders, kidney and liver disease and other health problems.

Do herbal and natural pet remedies work?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. There is no substitute for a healthy life style whether the participant in that life style has two legs or four. (Dogs and cats lend me your ears and paws!) In many cases, using natural pet remedies in conjunction with an alteration in living patterns yields the best results. In the case of healthy pets, natural pet remedies can help to prevent future medical problems.

What are some natural pet remedies?

Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections affect about 14% of all dogs. Some 1% of the cat population suffers from them as well, but these types of problems in cats tend to be more serious and are often life threatening. Vets usually prescribe antibiotics, but the side effects can create other health problems, including loss of appetite, lethargy and vomiting. Natural pet remedies in the form of herbs and botanical extracts in combination are well known tonics for treating and preventing urinary tract infections.

An herb and botanical extract combination might include uva ursi, an herb that soothes irritation, reduces swelling and will fight infections; berberis, staphysagris and cantharis, which will quickly ease discomfort in dogs and cats that are straining to urinate. It is most effective when there is also blood in the urine.

Ear mites/ ear infections

Ear mites in both cats and dogs remain one of the most common underlying conditions behind ear infections. As in dogs, cat ear mites live in the ears and cause irritation and provoke the cat to scratch. If not handled in its early stages, mite infestation can lead to other problems such as increased production of ear wax, a black and dry discharge from the ears, a foul smell and aural hematomas (the swelling of a blood vessel).

Natural pet remedies for treating ear mite infestation do not have any side effects and are directed specifically at improving the animal’s autoimmune system. They are also dependant upon the type of symptoms and behavior exhibited by the cat or dog. For example, sulphur is advised for cats that prefer cool places, while psorium works better for cats that love warmth. For intense itchy and sore ears, Rhus Tox is the most recommended natural pet remedy. For cats that show signs of a thick, sticky and foul smelling discharge, Graphites work well.

Bimonthly cleaning of ears is highly recommended as is a combination of calendula officinalis, verbascum thapsus, pulsatilla austicum, conium maculatum, and kali muriaticum, which when used collectively are highly effective in eliminating ear mites and cleaning the ears.

Flea Bite Dermatitis and Other Chronic Skin Conditions

Some pets suffer very little from the bites of fleas but many others develop an allergic reaction to flea saliva, leading to a severe skin reaction known as fleabite dermatitis. Symptoms include: chronic biting, scratching and rubbing of skin, especially around the base of the tail. The skin may appear red and inflamed and the coat may be thinned from hair loss.Natural pet remedies for this condition include:

1-German chamomile, an anti-inflammatory and soothing herb
2-Cleavers help to dispel the toxins from the body
3- Marigold promotes healing of wounds
4-Witchhazel aids in the reduction of inflammation, bleeding and pain
5-Graphites aid in the healing of skin ailments such as chronic skin sores, dermatitis and scar tissue.

Ideally, natural pet remedies can and do complement rather than replace conventional veterinary care. Consider some today. The animal whose life you improve may well be your own.

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