Pet cards make a great gift

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dog cards
Dog cards can be found in any breed imaginable
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Pet cards make a unique gift idea

Let's face it. Finding the perfect gift for a friend, even a family member, can be a daunting task at times - especially when seeking that gift that keeps on giving.

How about an assortment of pet cards as a unique, personal gift? Who could not adore the depiction of cats on a snow-covered brick wall singing Christmas carols or Beagle puppies with their big, floppy ears piled on top of each another wishing a happy birthday?

Aside from the adorable images, pet cards make great gifts for several reasons:

Some believe the act of sending a personal greeting card is dying, especially when it is so easy to create an ecard and instantly e-mail it to the recipient. Keep the tradition alive by giving greeting cards as gifts.

Four out of every 10 households include at least one dog (according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association), which means there is a high chance you know someone with a dog. Certainly, that dog owner would appreciate pet cards, specifically if the dog on the card is his or her favorite breed.

Having a stash of greeting cards on-hand is very convenient. Your friend will appreciate the fact that he or she doesn't have to shell out $3.95 (or more) for individual greeting cards all year. Oftentimes, we forget about a birthday or anniversary, or suddenly a friend or family member falls ill. Having those greeting cards handy is key in order to avoid trekking out at the last minute.

The great thing about pet themed greeting cards is that they fit every occasion. And they always make people smile.

Pet cards make a great gift for veterinarians, pet sitters, animal shelter volunteers, pet-lovers and those who just love cute animal pictures! (Consumer trends show that the most popular greeting cards are ones with images of cute animals!

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