What do lizards eat?

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Rainbow lizard eating
What a lizard eats depends on what species it is. A rainbow lizard, as shown above, is certainly not a herbivore
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A lizard's meal depends on what species it belongs to.

Lizards are fascinating creatures. I think part of the fascination comes from our curiosity about those extinct giant lizards, the dinosaurs. Children's stories are full of dragons, as well as dinosaurs, and owning a pet lizard can be a little like having your very own dragon or dinosaur to care for. Depending on the species you choose, a lizard can be a relatively easy pet to own.

Choosing a Pet Lizard

Lizards are the largest group of reptiles, with around 3,000 species worldwide. Most species live in warm climates. They range in size from the Komodo monitor, which is longer than a human, to very small species of gecko. So, which should you choose for your pet?

Some lizards require special lighting to survive, so be sure to do your research thoroughly. A good starter lizard is a leopard gecko. Leopard geckos are small, around 8 to 10 inches in length when fully grown. This will ensure that you do not need a large, expensive tank. Be sure to ask someone at the pet store for a care sheet with more information on how to care for your gecko.

What do Lizards Eat?

What a lizard eats depends on what species it is. Many lizard species are herbivorous, meaning they eat only plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit. Some are omnivorous, and eat mostly plants but also some insects and small animals. There are also species of lizards that are carnivorous, and only eat animals such as other lizards, snakes and birds.

Geckos are insect-eaters, and crickets are a good source of gecko food. You will want to feed your crickets special cricket-food before feeding them to your gecko. This will ensure that the crickets have the required nutrients to nourish your gecko. You will also need to coat the crickets with a vitamin supplement that you purchase at the pet store.

To answer the question, what do lizards eat? you will need to know what species the lizard is, and whether it is a plant-eater, a meat-eater or an omnivore that eats both. Lizards can make great pets, but be sure to start with one of the easier species, and load up on information at the pet store.

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