What do rabbits eat?

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A rabbit
What do rabbits eat? Everyone imagines rabbits eating carrots and other fresh vegetables, but you'll be surprised to learn what else rabbits eat
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Discover a rabbit's interesting dietary habits.

Rabbits are cute, furry animals and can make great pets for families with children.

Rabbits as Pets

  • Like cats, rabbits can be housebroken to use a litter box and can even be trained to respond when called. Rabbits shouldn't be kept as indoor pets in families with small children, though, because they are easily frightened.

  • Rabbits can be outdoor pets, as well, living in a hutch. Whether kept indoors or outdoors, rabbits need lots of room to run for exercise.

  • Rabbits are social animals, and they need interaction. That interaction can be found with other rabbits or with their human owners.

  • A rabbit's life span is from 5 to 15 years.

  • Rabbit breeds range in size from two to over 10 pounds.

Be sure and research rabbit breeds before you decide on the type you want for your pet.


What do Rabbits Eat?


Rabbits are true vegetarians. Herbivore is the scientific term.

Rabbits mostly eat grass and leafy weeds. This food contains high amounts of cellulose, which is difficult to digest. To counteract that problem, rabbits eat their own feces. They pass two different kinds of solid waste, one of which is soft pellets that the rabbit immediately eats after passing. This helps them to get more of the nutrient content from their food in the same way cows do by chewing their cud. As nauseating as that sounds, rabbits do not have the ability to vomit.

Pet rabbits eat timothy hay, rabbit food pellets and fresh vegetables. Talk to your pet store owner to make sure your rabbit gets a completely balanced diet with all the required nutrients. One of the benefits of keeping outdoor rabbits is a constant supply of fertilizer for your garden and flower beds.

So, what to rabbits eat? Leaves, grass, plants and their own poop.

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