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A creative date
When we're dating, especially in the early stages, it becomes very important to think of creative date ideas to build rapport and make things interesting
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Creativity goes beyond dinner and a movie.

What's more frustrating than wanting to spend time with someone but not knowing where to go or what to do? When we're dating, especially in the early stages, it becomes very important to think of creative date ideas to build rapport and make things interesting. 


Sometimes the best dates are the simplest. However, the usual dinner and a movie can get boring after awhile. Romance and interest in a person can build around activities other than sitting in a restaurant asking questions across the table. Although that can be nice, other activities allow you to let loose and also observe someone's personality in different settings.


Instead of the old standbys, try coming up with creative alternatives that allow you to relax and have fun with your date.


Let Your Hometown Be Your Guide


Search your local newspaper's weekend event guides or go online. You can find a variety of interesting events in your area including:


  • Nature tours

  • Grand openings

  • Concerts in the park

  • Art fairs

  • Festivals

  • Historical walking tours

  • Home and garden shows

  • Boat or auto shows


Get Educated


Take a self-improvement or one-day specialty class such as:


  • Cooking classes

  • Dance classes

  • Horse-back riding lessons

  • Surf lessons

  • Painting classes

  • Ice-skating lessons

Stroll Through History or Taste a Little Culture


Visit downtown areas and points of interest like:


  • History and art museums

  • Historical sites and landmarks

  • Self-guided tours of your city or another one that seems interesting

  • Scenic boat tours

  • Theatre plays or shows

  • Wine and cheese tastings or winery tours

  • Conservatory or planetarium

  • Big music concerts at the arena or smaller intimate local gatherings

  • Book readings


Take It Outside


Depending on what you both enjoy, have fun outdoors. No matter where you live, there are usually tons of outdoor or active things you can do such as:


  • Playing a sport together like tennis, basketball or racquetball

  • Go bowling or play pool at the local tavern

  • Work out with a jog or hike on the local trails

  • Rollerblade

  • Ride bikes

  • Walk your dogs together at the local dog park

  • Watch a sporting event together

  • Take photos of interesting people or beautiful places together

  • Go camping or canoeing

  • Brave it in a hot air balloon, helicopter or small plane ride

  • Dance it up with salsa or ballroom dance lessons


Be a Kid Again


Give your inner child some playtime with activities you haven't done in a long time including:


  • Watch the animals at the local zoo or aquarium

  • Try a round of miniature golf

  • Practice your aim at the arcade

  • Play games at the amusement park or fair

  • Get awed at the circus or a magic show


Open Your Own Romantic Restaurant


Get creative with food and locations including:


  • Taking in the sunset with a picnic at the beach

  • Ordering takeout and eating at the park or the beach

  • Packing a gourmet picnic and eating at the lake, botanical gardens or in your own living room


Go Beyond Dinner


Depending on the time of your date, there are great places for sharing a meal such as:


  • Gourmet coffee shops

  • Cozy bed-and-breakfasts or inns

  • Dinner theatre

  • Comedy clubs

  • Upscale restaurants where you can both dress up

  • The local green market where you can sample vendors' wares


Make a Difference Together


Volunteering for any number of things together can be fun and give you both a boost of feel-good hormones. Try:


  • Serving food at the local food bank

  • Participating in a local charity walk/run

  • Attending a fund-raising event or dinner

  • Volunteering for the local pet shelter

  • Helping build a house with Habitat for Humanity

  • Packaging care boxes for troops overseas


Taking It to the Extreme


If you both like an adrenaline rush, these activities can provide a common bond that you can do on a regular basis together. Just make sure you're adequately prepared for the activity:


  • Rock climbing

  • River rafting

  • Surfing

  • Kayaking in the ocean

  • Scuba diving or snorkeling

  • Bungee jumping or hang-gliding

  • Looking for ghosts at the local 'haunt spot'


Miscellaneous Fun Stuff


There are many day-to-day activities that your date may find enjoyable; here are some things you can share with him or her:


  • Finding a gift for someone or window shopping

  • Hitting the flea market or antique shops

  • Attending a house of worship together if you're religious


What one person finds interesting, another person may find boring. Getting to know a person and having fun can take place anywhere, provided you both find the activity enjoyable. While dinner and a movie can be lovely, mix it up a bit with some of these creative date ideas. Better yet come up with your own ideas based on both of your interests and the area you live in.

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