Questions to ask on a date

By Erica Williams
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The questions you ask on a date may make or break a potential relationship - stay calm and confident by asking the right questions
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Make the most of your date.

Let's face it: dating can be very complex. Nothing is more nerve wrecking than sitting across a table from a stranger and taking turns asking each other questions. After you went out a couple of times with your date, you figure you have asked all the important questions and the grilling stage is over. Before you decide to take a breather, there are still many questions to ask on a date.


One important question to ask on a date is, Have you ever been married? This question will reveal a lot about a person. If your date was married in the past, this can lead to a conversation as to why you date is no longer married. This will give you an outlook on how your date deals with commitment and relationships. For example; you may be ready for marriage, but your date may be hesitant because of the effect of a divorce or huge break up.


How long was your longest relationship? Your date's answer will show how well they deal with commitment. If the answer to this question is anything less than a year, this confirms that your date is emotionally detached or slightly immature in the relationship department.


Digging into a person's childhood is a very revealing method. Ask privy questions about your date's personal relationship with his or her parents. If your date is a male, his relationship with his mother may effect his overall perception of women.

The same theory applies to women. Women also develop a perception of men based on encounters with males in their childhood. Were your parents married? Have your parents ever been divorced? Were you closer to your mother or your father? These questions will reveal how your date views the opposite sex.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? This question can lead to a conversation that will reveal if your date is on the same path as you. You want to make sure that your date is compatible and flexible with your wants and needs and vice or versa. You may want to stay in California while your date has dreams of living in Japan.


Everyone is equipped with a "button." The nicest person can explode with anger when this button is hit. Asking your date about their pet peeves is important. A passive person can find it difficult to get along with someone with a flaring temper. You can soon realize that many of your own characteristics and traits could conflict with your date's pet peeves.


These questions will expose the chances of compatibility between you and your date. While many people date for social purposes, they also want to eventually find a companion in which they can share their hopes and dreams. The answer is more majestic than the question and will save you a lot of time the next time a dating spree occurs.

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