Small romantic gifts

By George Garza
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A man giving a girl a gift
Flowers and jewelry make great gifts any time of year, but you can also give simpler gifts to the one you love
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Every day can be a holiday with your sweetie, if you make it so.

If you are trying to impress a favorite someone, then small romantic gifts may just be what you are looking for.

Small Romantic Gift Ideas

  • Jewelry: Start with Jewelry. It is always romantic. Go for personalized jewelry which is even better. Affordable personalized jewelry is available on a number of online sites. However, for a bit higher price, you can have a piece of jewelry created for your loved one.

  • Flowers and candy: This is traditional and always the safe bet. But you can be a little more unique and personal. Pick wildflowers or buy a rose bush instead of roses. If you'd rather, you can also have chocolate bars customized, too.

  • Photo album: Design a special photo album. Funny or special photographs can capture moments and can become sentimental favorites. They can have a special meaning. Then select one photograph and create a gift around this.

  • Philanthropic gift: Make a gift to charity in his or her name. If your date has a favorite charity, make a contribution to it for them. Or pick a lesser-known charity and contribute to it for them--something that they would appreciate.

  • Meals: Make a special meal that is just right. Go to your loved one's special restaurant, and pick up food from there. If they have a favorite homemade meal, fix it for them. Pack a picnic basket for the two of you featuring your significant other's favorite foods.

  • Stars: Name one for your beloved. Get a star for a little more than $50. Not only will they know there's a star named for them, but they will also get a star chart and information about their very own star. To you and to your lover they will always be in the heavens.

  • Coupons: It sounds cheap. But it can be used to show special consideration for time, help or affection. Often you can find coupon books already prepared and ready for you to give to your valentine or just someone special. Coupons can last a long time so the romance continues.

  • Love Poetry Postcards: A small but catchy way to give attention. But you can't read just one.

  • Body and hand lotions: Help her to keep her skin soft. Get an ultra-rich lotion that is gentle and scented with a cherry fragrance.

  • Music CDs: You can make a compilation of your friend's preferred songs and put them on a CD to play wherever and whenever he or she wants.

Small romantic gifts can be large in effect. They can speak volumes because they speak about your intent and willingness to express your feelings. Being small doesn't mean small. A small gift can show that you put thought and effort. A small romantic gift can be about the relationship, cute and direct.

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