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Dinner and movie is a typical idea for first dates. Other great date ideas include flying kites on the beach, ice skating, or visiting a museum together.
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Fun, Creative, and Out of the Ordinary Suggestions for Where to Go on a Date

Deciding where to go on a date, particularly if it is a first date, can be fun, challenging, and also nerve racking.  Dating is a critical component of a relationship, because it involves spending time together away from the everyday, conventional surroundings, such as home, work, or school.

In fact, less familiar surroundings and new adventures can actually provide much better opportunities for two people to get to know each other and discover commonalities.  If you are responsible for planning a date or even if you are just debating where to go on a date, it can be helpful to have a basic sense of the other persons’ interests, tastes, and lifestyle.

For example, what type of food does your date enjoy?  What genre of movies does he/she enjoy?  Does your date like sports or music?  Would he or she prefer outdoor excursions or would she prefer an indoor tour of a museum?

Classic options for where to go on a date include dinner and a movie, perhaps a picnic in the park or a walk on the beach.  Today, however, couples have many more fun and creative alternatives for where to go on a date. 

Fun, Creative, and Out of the Ordinary Suggestions for Where to Go on a Date:

A Concert – a rock concert, a symphony, or even a local band playing in the bar down the street

A Sporting Event – a baseball game, a hockey game, even a race car track

A Sports Related Activity – rock climbing canoeing, kayaking, sailing, horse back riding, skiing, hot air ballooning, bicycling, rollerblading, ice skating, fishing, golfing, bowling, or even a game of tennis

A Leisurely Outdoor Activity - flying a kite on the beach, miniature golfing, picnicking in a garden, apple picking in the fall or a sleigh ride in the winter.

An Active Outdoor Activity – a trip to an amusement park, water park, festival or carnival, a trip to the zoo

A Cultural Activity – A tour of an art museum, gallery or historic site, a theatrical performance, or ballet

If none of these ideas suits your style, consider staying home for a date, but planning something fun or romantic.  For example, cook a new recipe, and invite your date to bring over his or her favorite board games to play.  Remember, dates are about keeping a relationship fresh and inventive, while continuing to learn about each other in new situations.

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