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Many style conscious people are turning to non prescription glasses to look good while seeing better
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Quality eyeglasses accessories now online

This quote from Ogden Nash (1902-1971) perhaps exemplifies some people's feelings about having to wear eyeglasses; however, certainly not the majority! "I prefer to forget both pairs of glasses and pass my declining years saluting strange women and grandfather clocks. Ogden Nash (1902 - 1971).

The following information, gleaned from" Eyeglasses," Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2005, helps us understand the evolution of eyeglasses and helps us to understand just how far we've come in the development of eyeglasses as we know them today. "In 1268 the English philosopher Roger Bacon recorded the earliest statement about the optical use of lenses. Possibly as early as the 10th century, however, the Chinese had made use of magnifying glasses placed in frames. Eyeglasses were first used in Europe in Italy, and some portraits dating from the Middle Ages depict persons wearing eyeglasses. With the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, the demand for eyeglasses increased and by 1629 was large enough for a charter to be granted to a guild of spectacle makers in England. The first bifocal glasses were made for Benjamin Franklin at his suggestion about 1760. In early times the only eyeglasses having spherical lenses were manufactured to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. Not until the end of the 19th century did the cylindrical lens for the correction of astigmatism come into common use." Although not noted, there is no doubt that Ben Franklin, devised his own eyeglasses accessories to protect his personal eyewear when not in use.

As we know, glasses are worn to protect the eyes as well as to correct visual defects. The colored glasses, or sunglasses, worn to protect the eyes against the rays of the sun are a familiar example, as are safety glasses worn by those working in an environment that could cause eye damage, such as welders. To put it simply, the average person wears glasses to see better and to avoid damage to their eyes. For those of us who wear glasses, there are now many eyeglasses accessories available –at retail stores and online. One of the most prominent online cataloger of all things relating to eyewear is Debby Burk Optical. Among the numerous eyeglasses accessories available are eyeglass cases, eyeglass holders, magnifiers, lens cleaners and much more.

With magnifications from +.75 to +600, there's a style for everyone. By going online you'll be able to find just the right designer reading glasses for yourself. To determine exactly what magnification you require, go to one of your local stores, try on several pairs and find the proper magnification that enables you to see the best. Then, go online and visit a site that offers you a wide variety of styles, sizes, and, of course, magnification Prices are generally much lower than you'll find in retail establishments. In fact, the prices are so low that you'll be able to purchase several pairs of designer reading glasses to go with any outfit. For example, Debby Burk Optical, one of many online merchants, has an extraordinary selection of styles available, including folding glasses in a variety of colors and intricate designs.

Unless you really need a prescription for eyeglasses, there is no need to spend the exorbitant prices found in optometric stores. If it's just a simple matter of making it easier for you to read a menu, the phone book or the morning paper, why not try non-prescription glasses with prices and styles that aren't a drag on your budget? Make a definite fashion statement; go online and get several pairs of fashionable designer reading glasses.

You'll also find polarized reading glasses for reading in sunlight, bifocal glasses, and other reading magnifiers to suit your reading needs. Turn your polarized sunglasses into reading sunglasses instantly. Now you can read by the pool, without squinting, with incredible removable reading lenses for your sunglasses. Now available online are optically correct lenses that "stick" to the lower inside surface of your sunglasses through simple molecular attraction to glass - completely removable and reusable size 5/8 "by 1 1/8" in strengths +125, +150, +175, +200, +250, +300 . How about that for "instant" polarized reading glasses? Just check it all out while you're online.

And, speaking about going online, if you need special glasses for your computer work, look no further; you'll be able to find them online also. Nine out of ten computer users experience eye problems such as blurred vision, tired eyes, itchy eyes, or headaches. New computer reading glasses contain a breakthrough Melanin tinted pigment not available in regular glasses. The Melanin tint in the glasses reduces the blue and violet light from computers and fluorescent lighting that can damage your eyes. These lenses are the finest (CR39) lenses available today,

Remember, too, that online merchants have excellent return policies, so shop with confidence.

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