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By Rachel Hartman
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Having an effective business sign is an excellent investment
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When planning a business, many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of having an effective business sign. Yet a well-crafted sign can boost your business in a number of areas. With a little time and planning, you can create one that best suits your business and draws in customers. Here's what to consider as you search for an effective business sign.

Keep the message clear

One of the most important factors in an effective business sign is clarity. You do not want the sign to be cluttered with words and phrases. This will make it difficult to read. Rather, you want to convey a message that can be read quickly. Most potential customers will only look at the sign for a few seconds. Think of the message you want them to read during that time. If the message catches their attention, they will want to learn more. They can walk through the doors of your restaurant or business to get their questions answered.

Consider the contrast

Signs that have contrasting colors are more visible that those with similar colors. As you search for two contrasting colors, think about the purpose of your business. Choose colors that reflect the atmosphere you wish to create. While contrast is important, try to avoid using too many different colors. Overuse can cause an otherwise useful sign to look unprofessional and make potential clients turn away from it.

Keep it Updated

After establishing the company, some business owners let their signs get outdated. They may be wrapped up in other issues, or simply forget to take the time to update their sign. This often leads to weathered-looking signs with old slogans or inaccurate information. And it loses a sense of quality and professionalism.

To avoid this, take the time to keep your information on the sign accurate. Some businesses choose to run different ads and ongoing sales on their signs. If you do this, make sure that the advertisements are current. Also, take the time to repaint a sign or have the colors changed when needed. This will help maintain a fresh look and appeal to customers.

Make it Visible

Place the sign in a place where passersby can easily view it. Many often see signs on a corner or near stoplights, as motorists need to come to a stop. If your location is along a busy street, place the sign on the side of your building. Or put it above the building to make it easily seen. If you rent a billboard, make sure that it is in a place where a large amount of traffic passes through.

An effective business sign does not have to be a costly investment. There are many materials available that are inexpensive. You can create the design yourself, or hire someone to help you develop a look that reflects your company's purpose.

By including effective business signs as you plan your company, you will increase exposure. When done wisely, an effective business sign is a great way to market your business. It can draw in more customers and increase awareness of your company in the community.

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