First communion gift ideas

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Bible and rosaries
Bibles and rosaries are popular first communion gifts
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Find the perfect gift for a child's first communion.

The first communion is a special day in the life of a child. Families continue the celebration with gifts inspired by religious tradition. First communion gift ideas should reflect the family's religious beliefs.

Books and Rosaries

First communion gift ideas include the obvious: Bibles and prayer books. Both of these options can be engraved with the recipient's name, date of communion and a special little message. First communion mass books help children participate more fully in the celebration of the Mass and deepen their understanding. There are also first communion rosaries; some families have rosaries specially designed for the occasion. These rosaries feature centers with Eucharistic themes.


Another keepsake intimate gift selection is jewelry. For communion purposes you want to look at gold or sterling silver cross pins or pendants, charms and charm bracelets and medals. These represent traditional communion jewelry ideas. Heirloom jewelry is also a great choice; a piece of jewelry from a parent or grandparent is a delightful representation of legacy.

Crosses and Crucifixes

First communion crosses are also popular gift ideas. Crosses and crucifixes may be specially chosen to commemorate first communion. Wall crosses and standing crosses are also popular and can be engraved. Some celebrants will go for the simple route, choosing flowers or photo albums to preserve the memories as their gift selections.


The special girl or boy for whom this day is being commemorated may enjoy a communion figurine or custom-designed frame. Or perhaps they will get a kick out letting those around them know they made it through such a sacred time by displaying communion veils, ties and other accessories.

Gift Sets

Also a great choice of first communion gift ideas is gift sets. The sets can include a variety of the items mentioned here: a prayer book, cross, and rosary assembled with a scapular. Other sets could feature beautiful high-quality rosaries and brass keepsake boxes.

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