How to choose religious jewelry gifts

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If you know how to choose religious jewelry it can make inspired gifts

Religious jewelry is a wonderful gift idea which can be given for any number of reasons and occasions. Often, it is the symbolism behind the gift which makes it so meaningful to the one who receives it. Giving a symbol of the recipient's faith, then, can make a powerfully supportive and loving statement.

Choosing religious jewelry takes special thought about the style, tastes - and beliefs - of the recipient, which can make this gift one that is especially treasured for years.

Consider the Occasion

The key to choosing the right gift is in considering the reason you are giving it, and message you want to convey. For example, is the occasion a major life event, such as a baptism, First Communion, or bar mitzvah? Or, is it a smaller moment, like a regular birthday, a religious holiday, or just a token to pick up your loved one's spirits? 

Significant life events call for significant gifts like religious gifts. These can range from simply symbolic to utterly extravagant. A baby bracelet with the child's patron saint can be a beautiful protective gift for a baptism. Boys and girls both will love Jewish symbolic jewelry, such as a Star of David necklace or some beautiful tallis clips for a prayer shawl, for their bar or bat mitzvah. 

More “every day” occasions, such as a regular birthday or yearly holiday, can call for something a bit more general. Pick-me-up moments, however, mean you need to get more personal.

Jewelry with a specific message or intent behind it can be very therapeutic to a friend or family member who needs to be reminded that she is not alone, and that there is a higher power there to help carry the burden (along with a thoughtful loved one who is there to lend loving support and something precious to focus on and hold onto in these trying times). Just-because gifts can also be celebratory. They can say, I saw this St. Christopher medal and I thought of you. 

Consider the Individual

You have your reason; you know why you are giving such a spiritual gift. Now you need to consider the person. This works best if you know the recipient well, but if not you can sometimes glean more information from their friends and family. What is her favorite color? What is his birth stone? Are they particularly drawn to certain symbolism or life perspectives? Find the right symbol, and then look for the one that best fits their personality. 

Religious jewelry comes in every style from the deeply traditional, to that appealing to a historical scholar, to purely whimsical. A young child will love something colorful, something that says their spirit and the divinity from which it comes is something alive and dynamic. Religion doesn't have to be dull and serious. A particularly bright soul, regardless of age, will appreciate stylized jewelry that sports flowers, hearts, and religious icons in a state of bliss. Add a little sparkle. Appeal to their sense of wonder.

Scholarly devotees will appreciate pieces which showcase archaic symbols or passages written in the religion's old languages, such as Aramaic, Hebrew, or Sanskrit. Immigrants or those with roots in other countries, no matter how far back, may also appreciate religious imagery specific to their family's homeland and written in their native language. 

Consider also the person's chosen occupation or hobbies. Many faiths have specific protections or celebratory elements for doctors, firefighters, soldiers, and artists. Travelers could use a wearable safety-net to protect them when they're far from home. New parents—beyond protection for their young one—might find comfort in something which bolsters their intuition and god-given wisdom. 

Whatever you choose, if you keep in mind the gifting occasion, the recipient's faith and personality, and where they may be in their life right now, you are sure to find just the right thing to speak to their heart and soul. 

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