How to spend time with God

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Prayer is one way to spend time with God right now
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Learn how to spend time with God to enrich your life and become more spiritual

If you are looking to renew your connection to your spiritual roots, or are looking for a way to get closer to God, you can spend time with him in a variety of ways. Fortunately, there's no right or wrong approach, but there are a few easy techniques you can implement into your day if you're wondering how to spend time with God.

Read the Bible

One of the easiest ways to get closer to the Lord is to read the bible. Not only are you reading his words, but you are also learning more about him. If you're worried you won't understand the text, you don't need to; many different editions of the bible are available.

The wording of some of the books can be a bit tough to get through, such as the King James versions. However, the NIV, or New International Version, is quite easy to read and understand, which can help you better interpret the bible.

Understanding what the bible says can help you get closer to God, as you can become aware of who and what he is.

You can also read bible studies to help you better understand the text. They are usually also helpful in allowing you to think of the bible in new ways or give you ideas that help you incorporate his word into your life.

If you want to be around other people when you read the bible, join a church bible study. These groups analyze what is written and try to better understand it. Fellowship of this nature may bring you closer to God.


Praying is comparable to talking directly to God. Praying allows you to have a dialogue with the Creator and is the time when you can ask for help and offer thanks, as well.

There are no rules regarding what you are to talk about; say whatever is in your heart. Additionally, you don't have to pray for a certain amount of time each day. Praying is all about you connecting personally with the Lord.

People often ask for help when praying, whether it is with someone who is sick or with financial difficulties. You can certainly ask for assistance in whatever is troubling you in your life, even if you think it is trivial. People also thank God for their blessings.

Praying is often a time when people feel the closest to God because they are sharing their hopes, concerns and feelings with him. You can talk to him about whatever you want, even on how to become closer to him.

To really enjoy your time, create a special setting. Light candles, put on some soft and soothing music or do whatever you feel can help you focus on building a spiritual relationship. Creating a soft and relaxing ambiance like this can help you better connect with him and allow you to let your feelings flow.

The important thing to remember when praying, however, is that not every prayer is always answered, but that doesn't mean your prayers aren't important. It may just be that he intends to answer them in a different way.

Go to Church

Sometimes fellowship and the guidance of a religious leader is a good way to build a relationship with God. Spending time with those who believe in him can often help you feel closer to him. Singing, reading and talking about the Lord with others may help you to better understand him, which allows you to spend time with him.

Finding a church, temple, mosque or other religious community that suits your needs is often the most difficult part. In fact, you may have to attend several before you find the one that suits you best. Once you do, however, you'll like enjoy spending time there and look forward to going back.

Churches typically also offer support groups and clubs to help you really get involved and to know the congregation. They usually also setup trips and outings, which allows you to have fun with others, while still participating in fellowship.

Now that you know how to spend time with God, you can begin to develop a deeper relationship, which can truly benefit your life.


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