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If you are considering getting married, it is crucial to make sure you are marrying the right person.
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Ten tips for christian couples to consider before exchanging vows

Marriage is a sacred and life changing event.  A successful Christian marriage requires a certain level of maturity and preparation to ensure that a married couple will continue to grow together spiritually and emotionally through the years.  If you are a Christian, a sound marriage and God are vital to raising a Christian family. 

If you are considering getting married, it is crucial to make sure you are marrying the right person.   Before saying “I do” discuss marriage and God with your partner, in order to ensure that you share similar values, morals and beliefs.  Here are ten important tips for couples considering marriage.

How to Nurture a Successful Christian Marriage: Ten Tips for Couples to Consider Prior to Saying “I Do”

1.    It takes a tremendous level of maturity and sense of commitment to know, without a doubt, that you want to be married.  Make absolutely sure that you are getting married for the right reasons.  If you are getting married for money, go earn it.  If you don't want to be single because you are getting older and all your friends are getting married, reconsider the idea.  If you just want a hot date… you probably are not ready for the commitment of marriage.  Try to evaluate your deepest reasons for getting married.

2.    Listen to your intuition.  If there is even the smallest voice in your head questioning your decision, or if you have any reservations before saying “I do”, make time to discuss or explore these issues.

3.    It’s a good idea to meet with a priest, a religious leader or a marriage counselor prior to getting married.  Marriage counseling and spiritual guidance can help you to explore the questions, the issues that may become challenges to a marriage down the road. 

4.    Get to know your in-laws as soon as possible, and make friends with them.  When you marry someone, you marry their family as well.  If this is the person you wish to marry, put your ego aside and figure out how to get along with the in-laws, even if you have differences with them.

5.    Be ready, able and willing to be a partner, not a dependent. Give up whining.

6.    Practice forgiveness.  Nobody is perfect.  Even married people make mistakes.  Any successful marriage requires that both parties be ready to forgive each other’s faults, mistakes, etc.

7.    Make sure you have discussed all the details and finances of planning a wedding before the big day.  A marriage and a wedding both require smart financial planning. 

8.    Discuss the role that a Christian marriage and god will play in your future plans for raising a family.  Shared values, morals and religious beliefs are crucial to raising a Christian family

9.    Keep doing the things you enjoy doing together.  Stay in touch with a group of friends you both like. If travel is your passion, keep traveling together.  If golf is your favorite sport, keep golfing together.  If you both love to read, make a routine of reading the morning newspaper together.  Continue to grow together as a couple before and after marriage.

10.    Leave the past is the past.  Dedicate the future to growing together in marriage and god. This will enable you to free your mind and heart.  Old boyfriends and girlfriends are history.  Past mistakes are forgiven.  You've made your choice and made the commitment to begin a new life with the person you love.

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