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Reading astrological signs
Your present will determine your future
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Creating individualized reports

Astrology is an age-old practice that has been practiced for thousands of years in many Eastern cultures and gives insight into an individual’s life and future. Reading astrology charts is just as old of a process that requires time, diligence and a sharpened mind to decipher the formulas. And since there are no hard and fast rules to determining a proper astrological reading, you must take into account many different facets and elements of an individual’s life to find relative readings.

Many folks exposure to reading astrology charts consists of just flipping through their local newspapers to the birthday columns. There you will find information on birth dates, zodiac signs and a brief outline on personality traits and advice for that particular person. These types of columns are more for entertainment purposes only but can often give close to accurate information in astrological readings. Usually, whatever the advice that is given is what the person takes for their “astrology reading” for the day. Many rely heavily on these readings and faithfully read them daily for direction and guidance.

Astrology is still a relatively unknown and distrusted phase of science that requires extensive research and careful calculations to prove its point. This is because each individual is inherently different and no two readings will be the same. There may be similarities within sets of readings, but most often the results will vary. Astrology has generally gotten negative attention because there is so much that is still unknown about it. Therefore, a lot of quirky and strange behaviors in the science field have been attributed to astrology.

In astrology, there are certain basic fundamentals that you will need to become familiar with before you begin reading astrology charts. In astrology, the planets and their alignment show us what we’re interested in and give us information on that particular subject.

- The planets represent basic fundamental urges and principles such as communications. That interest can be a person, place or thing and will guide us in the direction towards researching “it” to get more details about it.

- The signs in astrology show us how certain behaviors or characteristics are relative to the subject of interest. The how indicates a certain approach or style. The signs also help us to look at how events will take place, how they will be carried out and how those things are going to affect our future.

- The houses in astrology show us where things will happen. The houses also depict where events might take place and where there may be areas to stay away from.

All three of these elements are significant in reading astrology charts and work in conjunction with each other to provide a basis with which to read and interpret astrological readings and information.

One of the strong points of astrology and one that serves as its leading fundamental force is the ability that it has to uncover areas in an individual’s life where the cosmic energies around them are supportive of a myriad of possibilities. Astrology is where many different things are bound to happen based only on a few small facts.

In reading astrology charts, you want to gather as much information about the subject that you can to make your report and reading as accurate as possible. One misconception about astrology is that it is a form of psychic or mind-reading abilities that make it successful. On the contrary; it is simply placing a set of facts across the basic fundamentals that were mentioned earlier in order to gain the desired results. Without them, the reading is reduced to guesswork and often will not be taken as seriously.

Good and accurate astrology readings however will provide a clearly defined road map of principles and lessons that make up the individual’s experience. The changes and evolution that a soul experiences is dependent upon their life’s lessons. And, as each individual is affected by these universal principles, their outer environment will change to reflect their inner progress. This will set the tone and stage for reading and interpreting their astrological information.

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