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Christian books, magazines and other literature make great gifts
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Find unique gifts for your Christian friends and family members

Finding the right gifts for my mom is always a tricky task. She always claims she doesn't need or want anything, but as her daughter, I know she expects a gift for special occasions and holidays. As much as I enjoy the holidays, I also dread them.

Everyone else in the family is a breeze to shop for, but I end up losing sleep, worrying that I won't find the perfect Christmas gift for my mom who already has two other daughters shopping for her. My mom is a very spiritual person who isn't quite as enchanted with name brands and jewelry as she once was. Luckily, I've found unique Christian gifts that are always a hit for Christmas and her birthday.

If you're a spiritual person yourself or you're attempting to find a great way to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, unique Christian gifts are a simple and sweet way to express your love and gratitude.

Instead of shopping for the same flowers, clothes and candy, you can give unique Christian gifts for virtually any occasion.

Cross charms or crucifixes for a bracelet or necklace are a beautiful and unique gift that will be appreciated by the lady in your life. Many jewelers offer a wide range of designs for cross charms that will allow you to add a unique touch by adding gemstones that will match up with your loved ones birthstone or favorite color. If your budget is tight, consider purchasing a beautiful silver cross necklace with semi-precious gemstone accents or 3-dimensional details. Semi precious gems and sterling silver can be just as lovely, and mean just as much, as gold with sapphires and diamonds.

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is guidance. Purchasing spiritual books and literature are a great way to help the young person in your family get a head start in the world. Spiritual books and magazines are unique Christian gifts for graduations, weddings and housewarming parties. With these wonderful books, you can offer one of the most priceless gifts of all: spiritual knowledge and understanding. Whether they're a young person starting out in the world or a married couple setting off on life's journey, you can find books that will help them start their life the right way.

If you're on the hunt for a special baby shower gift, but don't feel like getting the same old pack of onesies or baby sleepers, gift the new parents with bible teaching tools or child training books. By giving these gifts, you can help the new parents give their child the right start by training them up using Christian principles and teachings. If the couple plans to home school, you can also find unique Christian homeschooling literature.

No matter who you're buying for, you can find great gifts for every interest or personality type. You can purchase Christian novels, music CDs and movies for the entertainment lovers in your life. Unique Christian gifts are perfect for any occasion. From cross charms to spiritual literature, these great gifts will give you the chance to offer spiritual guidance for new couples, parents and graduates.

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