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collection of wiccan symbols
The Wiccan religion is a very peaceful one that promotes unity in the universe
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Wicca is a neo pagan religion based on a deep respect for nature and the unity of body and spirit. Often misunderlabeled as a worship of Satan, Wicca is a peaceful, balanced way of life, which promotes oneness with all in existence.

Wiccan symbols are numerous and represent various beliefs and ideals innate to this worldwide anciently-rooted religion. Whether you want to know the meaning behind popular Wiccan jewelry, or are interested in learning about this ancient faith, here are a few of the more common Wiccan symbols and their meanings.


Also termed Witch's Foot, Morning Star or Endless Knot, the Pentacle is a pentagram enclosed in a circle and is meant to symbolize the unity of body and spirit. Utilized by Pythagoras, the points of the star represent the head, arms and legs of the human body; adding the circle is thought to create, and unify spirit. Often misunderstood as a symbol of evil, the pentagram is only malevolent in nature when it is inverted, which in the Wiccan Pentacle it is not. Wiccans wear the Pentacle on their person as a sign of recognition to their lifestyle. Hidden pentacles, or pentacles disguised within more intricate designs, are worn when it is not deemed safe or appropriate to don the standard Wiccan symbol.

Horned god

Depicted as a circle with an upside down crescent moon placed on top, the Horned God represents the male aspect, or the masculine polarity of the universe in Wicca. In Wiccan theology, the Horned God represents sexuality, energy, and power however; he does not exploit these virtues but rather, denotes compassion and gentleness in a masculine manner. This symbol is also called the Green Man, or the Horned Moon. Cernunnos, the ancient Celtic horned deity that symbolizes the masculine power of nature is considered the original concept of the Wiccan Horned God.

Triple goddess symbol

One of the most well known Wiccan symbols, the Triple Goddess is depicted in several different ways. One example is a circle with an inverted crescent moon on each side; another consists of multiple crescent moons intertwined with one another. Used as a symbol of Wiccan recognition, the Triple Goddess Symbol signifies the changes of life, birth and death as well as the three aspects of the moon. Believing that as the moon moves through its waxing, waning and full cycle, life corresponds. As the Goddess is the Wiccan symbol for the feminine polarity of the universe, the Triple Goddess Symbol signifies the maiden, motherhood and crone stages of womanhood.

Wheel of the year

This eight-pointed symbol marks the important holidays or Sabbats in the Wiccan Ritual Calendar and is derived from the Sunwheel or Solarcross, a pre-Christian European calendar used to mark Equinoxes and Solstices.

Septagram/Elven star

Another of the most recognized Wiccan symbols, the Septagram is a seven pointed star in or out of a circle. This symbol represents the allotment of planetary energy over the seven days of the week. It is believed, by those who practice Wicca, that etching or painting this symbol onto their Book of Shadows (a personal compilation of rituals and spells) will provide protection to the contents within. This symbol is also used by those who practice Fairy (Feri, Faerie), a Celtic-tinged Wicca in place of the Pentagram. The points of the star are usually associated with the seven directions; North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Within or with seven magical elements; the four alchemical elements plus three additions, which vary but can be magic, life, or light. Some other interpretations of the seven points are that they stand for seven magical places; sun, moon, sea, sky, wood, wind and spirit.

Spirit circle

This circle with a line running vertical and another running horizontal to cut the circle into quadrants, each line ended with an arrow at its tip, represents walking or casting of the Ritual Circle. All Wiccan rituals require the casting of a circle and calling of quarters to close and create a sacred working environment.

Wicca symbols are open to interpretation and add to the myth and folklore surrounding this ancient religion.

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