English riding accessories

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English style rider
English style riding calls for two hands on the reins and a shallow saddle
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English riding style requires specific horseback riding accessories

English riding is a style of horse riding that uses a shallower saddle than western style. Riders keep both hands on the reins and often post, or sit a stride, stand a stride, to ease the stress on the body while controlling the horse. English riding accessories are designed to help the rider to communicate with a horse, and to look great while doing it.

English Riding Clothing Accessories

All Weather Gloves – Made from soft, durable fiber, all weather riding gloves give the rider a secure grip even in the rain, while absorbing sweat.

Boot Socks – Knee-high boot socks are absolutely necessary beneath riding boots or your poor skin will blister, plus they make it easy to kick the boots off and slide them on as needed.

Pull On Breeches – Breeches are part of the reason riders always looks so stylish. These sleek pants will keep you comfortable while riding so you can focus on the horse. Some come with knee patches to give you better grip.

Helmet – The helmet is a necessity when you’re riding. A number of stylish and affordable riding helmets will give you a custom fit by turning a dial. Look for helmets with vents for air circulation and maximum comfort. Choose one with a glossy finish, or soften your look with a velveteen helmet cover.

English Riding Equipment Accessories

Bit Guards – Bit guards protect your horse from getting chaffed or pinched by the bit rings. They come in rubber, neoprene and other materials with enough give.

English Saddle Carriers – Saddle carriers keep the saddle clean and protect it from the elements. It takes no time at all to put a saddle in its carrier, and doing so can extend its life significantly.

Saddle Soap - Every English rider should keep saddle soap with the riding supplies. It’ll keep shoes, boots, the saddle and any other leather pieces clean and lubricated so they don’t get brittle and crack or lose strength.

English Riding Stirrups – Finding the right stirrups reduces pressure on your knees, hips and ankles, and gives your legs a more secure position. They’re made to attach to English saddles and set angles that help prevent the rider from getting hung up and injured.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned rider, using English riding accessories that fit your body and style will noticeably improve your comfort and riding.


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